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Metallic FX

Metallic FX – Resin floor coating

Metallic FX – resin floors with flair

Metalic resin floor coating


We are constantly looking for innovative products and Metallic FX is a beauty.

We do a lot of resin (epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartic and acrylic) coatings, most of them are attractive, but more focused on functionality.

We do our E-Flake and E-Quartz decorative systems that have great durability and asthetics.

We have now launched Metallic FX – which takes the visual flooring aspect to a whole new level.

Metallic FX has an amazing visual ability to look like it has 3D depth and texture, but is flat and smooth.

If you want a WOW floor, this is it.  Stunning colours and dazzling effects.

This floor will not go unnoticed and the comments will flow.

Beyond the visual, we have some of the best performing and durable resins on the market.
Our Polyurea resin top coat has about 4 times the abrasion resistance of standard epoxies.

Garage and Beyond USA
Work done by Garage and Beyond


We are seeing a lot of interest in Metallic FX with lots of great ideas about where people could see it being used.

  • Showrooms
  • Retail Stores
  • Foyers
  • Reception areas (imagine stepping out of a lift onto one of our beautiful FX floors)
  • Collectors Garages
  • Food Premesis (imagine a blue floor in a fish shop)
  • Restaurant
  • Waiting Rooms
    Metalic FX colours for our resin floor coatings New Zealand 

    Metallic FX floor coating



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