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One day resin flooring coating system

I don’t mean one day you will get around to doing something about your floor, I mean we can do your floor in ONE DAY.

Mica Flake Floor System
Mica Flake Floor System

We all know the mantra – Time is Money!  Ask any astute boss and they will tell you down time is costly.

Even a small business can lose $5000 a day if they are closed (something employees should think about on public holidays).

So after years of research and resin technology catching up with demand we are able to offer our speedy E-Series of resin coatings.  But first let me outline what life was like before E-Series.  All floors require preparation, anything short of diamond grinding a concrete floor is a recipe for problems.  We have a range of floor grinders to make this work faster.  But the slow part of epoxy resin systems is drying and curing time.  In many instances the floor prep and the first coat of epoxy resin can be applied in one day, then must be left for 12-24 hours before re-coating.  Then once re-coated it is recommended to leave for 48 hours for mechanical hardness (light use) and 7 days for liquid exposure.

So if a small factory needs to close for 9 days (2 days application and 7 days cure), with $5000 oveheads cost per day (staff wages, rent, loss of production, insurance etc), thats $45000 in cost over and above the cost of the work.

SO –  we offer a better solution

we still need to do the preparation work (grinding, crack repairs, joints etc)

But our basecoat dries in just 1 1/2 – 2 hours

Our polyaspartic top coat primer dries in 30 minutes

Our high performance top coat polyurea is ready for foot traffic in 4-6 hours and full traffic after 24 hours.

Some of the best news is that this system has far higher performance characteristics than epoxy resin systems.  We also have a range of floor finishes to meet your visual requirements.

Standard E-Coat


This is a single colour flooring system that uses an accelerated coloured epoxy base coat, a coloured middle coat and a high performance clear Polyurea top coat – 4 times the abrasion resistance of epoxy.


New Plymouth Workshop floor - e- flake 6mm light grey
6mm Light Grey E-Flake Floor

The E-flake system uses an accelerated epoxy primer/basecoat and a decorative vinyl flake is broadcast into the wet basecoat, once dry (90-120mins) the excess flake is removed and the floor is scraped nad if desired sanded smooth.  Then a clear polyaspartic top coat primer is applied and then a high performance clear Polyurea top coat – ready for light use after 4-6 hours.  This floor has decorative appeal as well as the flake giving the floor more thickness, impact resistance and depending on the flake removal process, anti-slip properties (can be textured or smooth).


MIca Flake
Mica Flake for Resin floor system – High end finish

E-Mica is very similar to E-Flake, but instead of using vinyl flakes, we use natural mica (mineral) flakes.  This is a blend of colours but the flakes themselves have colour variation and metallic reflections.  This system would suit hotel foyers, airports, corporate receptions and lift lobby’s, high end cafe’s and restaurants.


E-Quartz granite
E-Quartz granite

E-Quartz is once again similar to E-Flake but uses a fine coloured quartz as the build media.  Quartz is extremely hard and durable, and because of the shape of the particles makes a natural anti-slip finish.  This system is perfect for prison cells (we did some), ablution blocks, pool areas, driveways, commercial kitchens, walkways, garages and so much more.


A typical schedule could be

Start 5 PM    – Prep 2-3 hours  –

8 PM             – Primer coat (broadcast optional) 1 hour

9 PM             – leave 2 hours to cure

11 PM            – Re-prep 1-2 hours

1 AM             – Top coat primer 1 hour

2 AM             – Allow 30 mins to dry

2:30 AM     – Apply top coat 1 hour

3:30 AM      – Allow 4-6 hours to dry

9:30 AM     – Operational

These product do not sacrifice quality for fast cure, but are a testament to advances in resin technology.  They offer better abrasion resistance (approx 4 X), excellent chemical resistance and superior adhesion.

* disclaimer – areas of about 100 SqM can be done overnight in many instances – floors that require less prep will allow larger areas to be done (coating larger areas will not have a large effect as drying of the start point will still take place).  Jobs that require coving to be installed/replaced or major repairs will take longer.

Saving $45000.  I think you will want our number 0800 733 566, book your one day resin floor job in today.


Director at Floor Masters Ltd. Dedicated to research and development to bring our clients the best solutions to their many challenges. I want you to have the right solution for your situation.