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Epoxy Coatings 101: An Introduction to the World of Epoxy

Epoxy coatings are renowned for their durability and resistance and are commonly used in an industrial context. Nonetheless, it’s important to tread carefully if you are considering investing in epoxy resin flooring for your residential, commercial or industrial space.

Contemplate whether one of the other resin solutions we offer would be a better fit. If you do decide to go down the epoxy route, remember: this category covers many types of flooring that differ in their composition, features and qualities.

How the Range of Epoxy Resin Options Has Flourished

The history of epoxy resins can be traced back to the 1920s — and, today, you can choose from a myriad of epoxy solutions that have resulted from decades of development and refinement in this field.

Each epoxy resin floor coating combines a base resin and a catalyst. We have 100% solids epoxy resin (it’s a liquid but nothing evaporates off allow curing) or the base can comprise either water or a solvent, with the latter giving the product a strong, distinct odour. In contrast, solvent-free systems for epoxy resin floorings are practically free of odour.

Would Epoxy Resin Be the Right Choice for Your Flooring?

Epoxy resin has both pros and cons, which might outweigh each other based on your specific needs.

We can discuss various flooring types with you to help you decide which one to opt for. You could find yourself tempted by polyaspartic resin flooring as, on the whole, it greatly outclasses epoxy resin in performance characteristics.

However, if you require your flooring’s finish to withstand heavy impacts, epoxy resin may be better suited than polyaspartic resin to meet your specific requirements.

Tips for Selecting the Right Epoxy Resin Flooring 

We can help you to choose the right epoxy for your needs. We will ask you whether the flooring you’re considering for epoxy resin was recently installed or is affected by rising damp, as certain epoxies may not be effectively installed on moist substrates.

The epoxy resin solutions we have available include waterborne Tuff Floor suited to retail shops and showrooms, while Metallic FX can bring a subtle or bold flourish to cafes and living spaces.

If you’re finding it challenging to choose between our epoxy coatings or other resin flooring products, book an appointment for a visit to our showroom or office. Call Adam on 021 42 66 27 or Steve on 021 73 76 73.