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Concrete floor leveling

Concrete floor leveling

moisture barrier and floor levelling Auckland

Floor leveling and flattening

Floor Masters are very experienced at floor leveling.  From smaller jobs, to projects that require pallets of product, we have the equipment, manpower and skills to get you the results you need.

concrete floor leveling
This floor was in poor condition
self levelled concrete floor
This is after a moisture barrier and leveling

A great floor leveling job start with proper surface prepataion.  We have seen lots of jobs where minimal or no surface preparation was done, and the leveling product has delamintated from the floor.

The customer saved a few hundered dollars the first time, and then had to pay extra to have it removed so it could be done right the next time.

There are 3 factors with floor prepartion.

  1. Open surface – the floor must be ground or shot blasted so the leveling compound can bond to the surface.  The dense surface of the concrete must be removed and be porous.
  2. The floor must not have a moisture problem. This is not always visible and must be tested with a meter).  If there is a moisture issue the floor must be treated with a moisture barrier.
  3. The floor must be adequately primed, this aids bonding and greatly reduces air bubbles in the finish.
Floor Preparation
The floor must be diamond ground or shotblasted

Equiped, larger projects need the right equipment, so we bought a mixer pump.  This little puppy will mix and pump 90 bags of leveling conpound an hour.

This reduces the labour, stress and physical stain on our staff.

It makes our job safer, and get projects done faster and at higher quality.

Self level mixer/pump

Working out a price for floor leveling

We get a lot of calls where people ask us, : “how much a metre for floor leveling?”.

Unfortunately there is not an easy “over the phone” answer to this, unless you have very accurate floor height measurements.

Floor prep is priced by the Square Metre, but floor leveling is priced by the Litre.  We calculate the Litres by multiplying the area in Square Metres by the average depth in mm

If the floor has a continuous fall or is a fairly consistient depth we can calculate a ball park figure.  Even floors that people with swear are flat, can be 10mm out of level.

For an accurate price, the floor needs to be plotted on a 1M grid, or if the surface is undulating, a 500mm grid may be better.  This means that every 1M a floor height needs to be taken with a laser.

We can measure the area of a room in a couple of minutes, but taking floor heights can take hours (depending on the size).


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