Concrete Grinding for concrete floors and external concrete surfaces

Grinding off floor coating
Concrete grinding for surface preparation Auckland

For over 20 years Floor Masters has been concrete grinding in New Zealand.  We have done 100’s of thousands of SqM, maybe more than 1 million square meters of surface preparation Grinding, concrete grinding and sealing. Polished concrete and decorative concrete grind..

We do all our own surface preparation for our coating systems as well as grinding and sealing and diamond polishing.

Preparation Grinding

One of the most important factors of floor coatings and coverings, is, Floor Preparation.

As with just about anything in life, it’s all the hard work that nobody sees, that makes the finish a success.

Floor preparation is no different.  Short cuts in concrete surface preparation will result in either poor appearance or poor adhesion – leading to failure.

We grind concrete to remove coatings, glue, spills, and surface contamination.  Grinding also opens up the surface, allowing primers, coatings and glues to soak into the matrix and create a stronger bond.

Concrete Grinding also smooths the surface, can reduce the amount of leveling compound required to flattern a floor, the amount of glue required for carpet or vinyl.

It is important to understand the right level of prep required for different floor coverings and coatings.  Can save time and money, now and in the future.

Concrete floor preparation grinding

Concrete grinding to remove glue, prior to a sparta-guard coating

Concrete Grinding and Seal

When you grind concrete and remove the surface, you expose the aggregate within the concrete.

Many people ask us how we get the stones into the concrete.  The fact is almost all concrete has aggregate in it.  The aggregate is in there to add strength and reduce the amount of cement and water required to make the concrete.

With concrete grind and seal finish, the deeper we grind, the larger the aggregate and more of it you will see in the finished floor.

We have a range of sealer we apply after grinding, that protect the surface and make the floors easier to clean.

Grind and Seal floors are better for areas subject to spills and chemicals than Polished Concrete.

The sealers we apply after concrete grinding can be matt, semi gloss or gloss finishes.

Hair Dressing Salon waiting room grind and seal

Concrete grind and seal in hair salon waiting room 

Diamond Polished Concrete

Polished-concrete-floor/Polished concrete has a very similar look to Grind and Seal.  The primary difference is that a grind and seal floor gets it’s finish from a topical coating of resin. A “DPC” floor is mechanically refined by repeatedly polishing the floor with finer and finer diamond tools.

Most people have some idea about sand paper and that to smooth wood, you start with coarse sandpaper, then follow with finer sandpaper to reduce the scratches.

Diamond polishing follows the same principle. 

Diamond polished concrete has advantages over a coated floor it terms of wear resistance.  A very smooth and dense floor does not have anywhere for abrasion to “catch” on the surface and dig in.  Think about it like when you try to remove a sticker from a surface.  If it has a very thin edge, it is hard to “catch” the edge and peel it off.

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polished concrete

Diamond polished Concrete with aggregate exposure