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Commercial and Industrial concrete floor coating, polishing and repair

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For over 20 years Floor Masters has been turning concrete into usable floors for commercial and industrial clients across New Zealand.

We have a wide range of products at our disposal, both from local manufactureres and suppliers and products we import – it’s all about matching the right systems to meet your needs.

We also have a broad knowledge of solutions and often take on projects others have found themselves out of depth on.  So why not start with us.

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resin floor coatings

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Plain colour resin

Range of resin floor coatings to give a clean functional finish to your floors

Heavy Duty floors

Range of industrial grade floor coatings and toppings for heavy use areas

Metallic Epoxy floors

Looking for the WOW factor - custom floor finishes that give you the edge

Decorative resin floors

Flake and quatrz floors with extra performance and appeal

Floor Masters offers a wide range of resin floor coating systems – epoxy coatings, polyaspartic resin coatings, urethane cement, polyurethane, urethane, A cure and hybrid resin systems.

We have systems for every concrete surface you have.

From wet areas to warehouses, factories to front of house, showrooms to shower blocks …

When ease of cleaning and a practical floor finish is required – resin may be the right choice.

Grinding &
polished concrete

Finding the beauty within

Floor Preparation grinding

We undertake floor preparation for all type of floor coverings and coatings

Grind and Seal

refinished concrete floors with topical sealers

Diamond polished Concrete

Chemically hardened and mecahnicially polished concrete floors

Speed Polish

Trowel polished concrete floors - faster option for larger areas

Since 1999 Floor Masters have been grinding concrete floors. 

From preparation grinding for floor coatings and coverings, to grind and seal and polished concrete.

We have spent over $150K on concrete grinding equipment and vacuums to ensure we can get jobs done quickly and done right.

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Cracks, joints, levelling, moisture issues

Repair your concrete floors

Concrete crack repair

our advanced resins and staple methods give the best results

Concrete joint repairs

We can repair and fill concrete joints in floors and external areas to meet inspection requirements

Floor self levelling

Raising the height, flattening and levelling floors

Stop moisture

We install moisture barriers to prevent damage to buildings and fittings from moisture ingress

Lots of floors have flaws – we have the solutions 

At Floor Masters we have spent a lot of years researching and test different floor repair techiniques and floor preparation systems.

From joint and crack repairs, to floor levelling and moisture mitigation systems, we have the answers

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