Sparta-Flake – Super Durable polyaspartic floor coating NZ

Salt n Pepper coloured Sparta-Flake
Salt n Pepper coloured Sparta-Flake

Sparta-Flake is one of our polyaspartic resin floor coating systems.

Floor Masters is a proud applicator of Sparta-Flake, a polyaspartic resin floor coating system with a wide visual and practical appeal.  Sparta-Flake can be use in many environments [pillow_box width=”100%” pagecurl=”off”]

HP Spartacote’s patented polyaspartic resins are truly a breakthrough in modern chemistry.  Read more and you will see why they are so far ahead of everything else.

We typicaly use Sparta-flake for

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  • Garage floor coated with polyaspartic flake coating.
  • Commercial floors
  • Showrooms
  • Food Courts
  • Factory floors / Lunch Rooms
  • Residential garage floors
  • Around swimming pools
  • Commercial toilet and changing areas
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Driveways, paths and patios
  • Courtyards
  • Lunchrooms
  • many other spaces

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Sparta-Flake offers unbeatable durability and aesthetic benefits.

Mach 1 on granite Sparta-Flake floorIt’s no wonder Sparta-flake is the preferred floor coating for car collectors and motoring enthusiasts.  The fantastic appearance and the durable finish complement the feeling of joy and pride these men and women feel towards their prized possessions.

You want a floor that you can be proud of.  One that is easy to clean and keep clean, one that shines like the polished paintwork of your machine. (we like Holdens too)

Because Sparta-Flake  is built on our Sparta-Flex polyaspartic resin it is suitable for both internal and external applications. Sparta-Flex offers the following advantages [green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Superior UV resistance (will not yellow or deteriorate with UV exposure)
  • 3-4 times the abrasion resistance over epoxy (lasts much longer)
  • Higher chemical resistance (suitable for chemical cleaning or exposure)
  • About 3 times higher heat resistance – can be Steam cleaned
  • Guaranteed adhesion (no hot tyre pickup, or peeling)
  • Can be applied in temperatures down to -20 Deg C with very little slowing of cure times.
  • Fast Cure – 1hr recoat, 2hr return to light use, 8hr full return to use.
  • Can have slip resistant additive mixed into coating (flake does that too).


Let’s explore how the sparta-Flake polyaspartic coating system is installed

Polyaspartic Flake floor construction
1) the concrete floor surface is prepared by diamond grinding the concrete to remove any contamination and ensure the product can penetrate the surface (soak in) to create the strongest bond possible.
2)  A coloured base coat of Sparta-Flex polyaspartic resin is applied to the floor.
3) The coloured flake is broadcast into the wet base coat.
4) after about 1 hour the excess flake is recovered and the surface is scraped to remove any rough flake. – the floor can be sanded if a smoother finish is required.
5) Two clear top coats are applied as a final seal.

The floor is then ready for foot traffic after about 2 hours and can be returned to full service after just 8 hours.  That is the great thing about the fast cure polyaspartic resin systems.

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Sparta-Flake can be built of any of our Sparta-Flex formulations

We have 4 sparta-flex  formulations with varying solvent content.  If solvent and VOC’s are a problem, we have our Sparta-Flex Pure polyaspartic, 100% solvent and VOC free. [/super_box] Sparta-Flake colours

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