Epoxy Floor Coating Systems

Floor Masters Ltd is an Approved Applicator for a variety of epoxy floor coatings. We can assist you in choosing the right epoxy floor system to suit your particular application. Not all epoxies are equal and it takes knowledge and experience to know which product suits your needs.

Epoxy resins were first developed around the 1920’s, and have been reformulated and refined in the decades since then.  The variations in formulations make epoxy suitable for many different situations.  It is very important to match the right product to the site requirements.

We now do more Polyaspartic resin floors (Sparta-Guard) than thin coat epoxy. Polyaspartics have far greater performance characteristics and much faster install and return to use times.

Epoxies offer better heavy impact resistance and self levelling finishes.

There are two very important elements to a successful epoxy floor.

1) Preparation – even the best epoxy floor coatings need to bond well the to substrate. Proper surface preparation (usually diamond grinding or shot blasting, note- acid washing is not an acceptable method of concrete preparation) is required, otherwise the coating will delaminate and break up, flake or peel. If the floor is prone to moisture issues, this must be addressed. We have specific epoxy primers we can use on damp and “green” concrete. N.B. Preparation will normally take about 50% to 80% of the time spent on site.

Factory Floor Paint - Sparta-Guard
Grinding off floor coating
Auto Store


2) Product – There is no substitute for quality. We never buy based on price alone, you will pay for it down the track (removal, replacement and inconvenience). Most wall painters are not epoxy experts, neither are standard paint manufacturers. Our suppliers are coating manufacturers through and through.  We cherry pick from their product lines to get the best products that meet the requirements of each project.

We have a range of epoxy floor systems to suit any flooring situation, and this means we won’t try to convince you to use a substandard product because it’s all we have.

Epoxy resin floor coatings are made by combining a base resin with a catalyst.  Epoxies can be either a water base, solvent base or solvent free systems, with the solvent based product emitting a strong solvent odor.  The solvent free systems are virtually odor free.  Some epoxies are sensitive to substrate moisture and can not be applied to new floors or floors that suffer from rising damp.  It is important to speak to one of our experts to ensure the right epoxy floor systems are specified.

One limitation of most epoxy floor coatings is that they are effected by UV exposure (unfiltered sunlight and certain artificial light) causing them to yellow.  This usually does not effect the performance, but can cause visual disappointment.  In such cases an aliphatic polyurea or polyaspartic is a better choice.

*some new generation formulations have a much lower tendency to “amber” or discolour, but the chemistry is more expensive.

We have epoxy floor coatings suitable for Garage floors, Commercial kitchens, Mechanical workshops, Food processing areas, Electrostatic safe floors for computer server rooms and electronic component assembly, High chemical resistant floors, High impact floors, Smooth finishes for easy cleaning, coarse finishes for slip resistance. Decorative finishes for showrooms and retail stores, Special products for painting pools (commercial and public)….. the list goes on.



Some of our most popular epoxy floor coating systems

Tuff Floor WB epoxy

Tuff Floor WB Epoxy – is our Waterborne Epoxy rollcoat system that consists of 2 x coloured top coats over a primer/sealer. Suitable for smooth floors (or smoothed floor) subject to low impact and weight bearing. Perfect for domestic garages, retail shops, showrooms, warehouses (not heavy fork traffic), toilet blocks etc. Tuff Floor has a semi gloss or matt finish. Made in New Zealand.

Tuff Floor epoxy floor coating
Tuff Floor system in small factory

Mapefloor 300 epoxy systems

Mapefloor 300 Systems – are a 100% solids  (solvent free) coloured epoxy resin coating applied over an epoxy primer.  We have variants that are thin, smooth, non-slip or thick and smooth and non slip.  A solution for many industries.

One thing to understand with epoxy is that the thicker the coating the more impact resistance the coating has.  It offers the concrete more protection.  But not all situations require high impact resistance, so matching the system to the use is important.

Urethane Cement floor topping
Mapefloor 300 over Polyurethane Cement in a chiller


Granipoxy – is a unique decorative epoxy floor topping.  It is a self levelling smooth speckled floor finish.  It is similar to our Sparta-Quartz, but smooth surface (Sparta-quartz is textured).

Floors are properly prepared and primed then a 2-3mm layer of Granipoxy is applied for the finish.

An additional top coat can be applied for greater abrasion and scratch resistance or for a matt finish.

Granipoxy epoxy floor coating
Granipoxy "Dark Grey" on Kitchen floor

Metallic FX

Metallic FX – is a unique decorative epoxy floor with a WOW factor

Clear cycloaphatic epoxy resin with metallic pigments and introduced effects make every floor special and unique.

Metallic FX floors are great for retail shops, cafe’s, showrooms, garages and funky living spaces.

Effects can be subtle or BOLD.

If you want different – get on board the FX train.

Metallic FX = Custom Silver metallic epoxy floor
Metallic FX "Aluminium" on car collectors garage floor

Resin Rustic

Resin Rustic – is a similar system to Metallic FX, but it is about twice as thick and creates a different effect.

Resin Rustic - Foot Locker Auckland
Rustic Resin " Titanium" on retail floor