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Resin Rustic - Metallic epoxy floor with a difference

Resin Rustic – Unique Epoxy Flooring

Resin Rustic - Metallic epoxy floor with a difference
Resin rustic - "Tungsten"

Designers Choice - Resin Rustic is an epoxy flooring system with unique effects.

After proper concrete floor surface preparation has been completed, we start the installation of the Resin Rustic epoxy resin system.

If the surface has a high moisture reading, a moisture barrier resin must be applied as the primer, otherwise we can apply the standard epoxy primer.

Next is the installation of the Resin Rustic.  This is a unique blend of high flow, low viscosity epoxy resin, fine sand and glass fillers and metallic pigment.  Unlike other metallic resin floors that are installed at 0.5-0.8mm thickness, Resin Rustic is installed at approx 2mm thick, making it a more durable floor topping system.

The proprietary fillers and pigments create one off effects – every floor is special and unique.  We have some control over the style through our installation technique, but the resin flows, and the pigments float and disperse as gravity and chemical reactions determine. 

As a final finish, the floor is sanded and a top coat of Gloss or Matte water based Urethane is applied for extra abrasion and chemical resistance.  Additionally non slip additives can be used for areas requiring extra slip resistance.

Resin Rustic - Metallic epoxy floor with a difference
Foot Locker Queen st - Auckland City

Where to use

Resin Rustic can be installed in lots of different environments.

  • It’s really great for retail spaces and showrooms.
  • Cafe’s, restuarants and bars.
  • Salons.
  • Waiting rooms and foyers.
  • High end garages (man caves).
  • Conference rooms
  • Apartments
  • Kitchens
  • Living spaces
  • Really anywhere you want a fancy hard floor that is easy to clean, hygenic and WOW.

If you need a floor that supports a professional, upscale image, then this may be just what the design experts are talking about.

Put your best foot forward – Resin Rustic will support your personal and brand image. 


Not only does  a Resin Rustic epoxy floor topping look great – it’s an easy to clean seamless floor coating.  It has no joints or grout lines to trap dirt or dust.  The smooth surface is easy to remove dust from with a microfirbe mop, and it’s high chemical resistant top coat protects from spills and stains. 


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