Below is our colour charts for our various products and systems

Our cement based overlay systems

Colour charts for CretecovaThincovaBroomcova/Rollcova and Spraycova concrete resurfacing.

These are cement based coatings/toppings and decorative finishes for internal and external concrete surfaces

For Cretecova and Thincova you can have a base colour and a wash colour to create a mottled effect.

Spraycova can have a main colour and a different colour as a fleck if desired.



overlay colour chart

Updated colours below for Cretecova, Spraycova, Broomcova

Overlay colour chart 2019

Note these are colours for concrete, batching and environmental conditions will effect the final colour.  Also different screen setting can make colours look quite different.

Resin based systems

Sparta-Guard Polyaspartic Colour Chart

Colours for Sparta-Guard - coloured polyaspartic coatingsSparta-Guard Polyaspartic coloured coatings

Sparta-Flake – resin flake floor coating system

Sparta-Flake colours - vinyl chip/flake

Natural Stone flake range

Sparta-Flake Brindle Colours

flake-brindle-colours chart

Mica Flake flooring system samples 

Sparta-Flake Mica – Natural Stone flake

Sparta-Quartz Colours

Sparta-Quartz colour card

Alpen Glow Metallic Colours

Alpen Glow Metallic FX colour chart

 Standard Colours (RAL Colour chart)

for epoxy coating systems


Click each colour for a bigger example.

The specified colours are a guide colour only. Slight deviations are possible. Different products in the same colour, can produce a different colour impression. We can manufacture other colours when requested.


Abstract Concrete Dye Colour

HPS_Abstract_ColorCard Concrete Dye colours follow link to PDF chart – Over Concrete or micro-topping.

Vivid Dye Colours

LM-14-0090-Vivid_Dye_Chart_2014_04_LR 2 – follow link to vivid dye PDF