Cretecova decoarive resurfacing with compass
Cretecova decoarive resurfacing with compass

Cretecova concrete resurfacing is perfect for internal and external concrete floors and entertaining areas and commercial and retail floors.

Cretecova concrete resurfacing is a trowel finished flooring. A special blend of cement, polymer and fine aggregate fuse together to make an extremely hard surface. The product is manufactured and imported in various colours which can be blended together to create an unlimited range of colours and tones. The product is coloured right through and is not effected by UV rays.

Cretecova resurfacing close up

Concrete Resurfacing over tiles - Princess Wharf - Auckland 

Cretecova concrete resurfacing is FAST

The whole Cretecova concrete resurfacing process takes 2 days in most instances (up to about 150SqM). Day 1 – Floor is prepared ready for application, an initial skim coat of Cretecova is applied, this creates a high strength chemical and mechanical bond to the whole surface of the substrate. When dried sufficiently a finish layer is applied with the desired effect.

The following day we can scribe a tile pattern into the Cretecova surface, usually greater than 600mm tiles, square or rectangular. The “grout lines” (no actual grout or associated problems) can be 1, 4, 6 or 10mm wide. After this we colour wash the floor to provide a multi-toned effect, this colour also becomes the “grout” colour. (There is no grout to go mouldy and fall out). After this 2 coats of sealer are applied and the following day the area ready for use.

Cretecova resurfacing Effects can be :-

Slate – a layered effect similar to natural slate. Customers can choose colouring of this. Heavier texture can be applied to external applications.

    • Marbled – This is a very popular effect and can be in any colour choice. Minimal texture with mottled colour finish.
    • Stone – Natural colours and tones make these floors warm and inviting.
    • Terracotta Tiles – Or any tile for that matter. We can reasonably reproduce almost any tile you would bring us.

 The Cretecova concrete resurfacing process nz

Features of Cretecova concrete resurfacing

  • There is no grout to go mouldy.
  • The texture and colour are natural and continuous across the floor. They don’t just finish at the edge of each tile. Each “tile” is unique, being hand crafted in place.
  • The process only adds 2-3mm to the surface, thereby not interfering with door clearances etc. Carpet can also overlap the edge without any noticeable variation.
  • The surface is sealed for lasting results and easy cleaning. Advise on choice of sealer (Matt, Semi-gloss or high gloss).
  • Polish can be applied for a higher gloss and easier cleaning in retail or high foot traffic situations.
  • Cretecova concrete resurfacing is up to 3 times as hard as concrete.
  • Fast application, quick return to use (2 days in most cases, longer for vehicle traffic).
  • Tile effect (if you want it) can be any size you desire.
  • Need Slip resistance?  For external concrete resurfacing areas we incorporate a slip reduction additive into the sealer we use over the concrete resurfacing.  This is a fine grit that allows easy cleaning.
  • Looks fantastic. You will be the envy of your friends, and they will think you paid a lot more for it than you did. Many of the above mentioned surfaces can be in excess of $200/SqM laid, our finished floors are much less than half this. Contact us to discover how much you can save.  

Cretecova Concrete Resurfacing is suitable for internal and external residential and commercial/retail concrete surfaces.

Where can you use Cretecova concrete resurfacing?

We have been applying Cretecova for over 15 years and really love the transformation it makes to many different concrete surfaces – the following is a small list of the different situations we have used Cretecova.

  • Residential internal floors – we have done whole homes, kitchens, entrances, lounges, dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundries, garages…..
  • External residential areas – Driveways, paths, patios, decks, pool areas, BBQ areas, carports …..
  • Commercial projects – Offices, waiting rooms, retail floors, showrooms, lunch rooms, kitchens, cafe’s, bars, restaurants……

We have recently obtained higher performance coatings that can give better appearance and maintain to look for longer.



overlay colour chart

You can see photos of previous Cretecova concrete resurfacing projects here

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