Office Floor - Urethane coating

Commercial and Retail floor finishes

Since 1999 Floor Masters have been restoring and transforming commercial concrete floors across Auckland and New Zealand.

We offer a wide range of floor finishes, from Polished Concrete to Decorative Resin Coatings.  From rustic to sleek.

Resin Rustic

Resin Rustic is a 2mm thick epoxy floor topping system with a twist.  Special metallic pigments and filler give unique effects.  The system is super durable with the urethane top coat.

Resin Rustic is perfect for retail and commercial floors, foyers, reception areas and so many more situations.  Seamless and easy to clean.


Resin Rustic – Unique Epoxy Flooring

Resin Rustic - Foot Locker Auckland

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete floors have proved very popular over the last 20 years.  Over that time the process and chemistry has greatly improved.

We have a whole range of concrete finishes – from surface polishing (no aggregate showing) to full exposure.

You can also choose gloss level from matt to high gloss.


Diamond Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete floor Auckland

Polished Concrete Toppings

Some floors are too damaged, have been cut and repaired or are not level enough to polish “as is”.  BUT, we now have polishable concrete toppings.  Our Levelcova cementitious floor toppings allow for custom colours, aggregate and all sort of design features.

With the addition of dye, the finished look is unlimited, except by your imagination.

Levelcova resurfacing

Polished Concrete Toppings

Concrete Resurfacing

Not as thick as our polishable toppings, our decorative concrete resurfacing allows us to put a fresh layer of polymer cement over existing floors to create a fresh look.

Thincova is a smooth thin finish, can be plain, coloured, mottled or patterned ..

Cretecova is a more rustic textured surface with all the above options to customise it.

Levelcova is a self smoothing topping, that can be plain or used as a canvas.



Thincova decorative concrete resurfacing

Cretecova Concrete Resurfacing

Levelcova resurfacing


Converse Thincova floor - sealed Auckland NZ

Metallic FX

Metallic FX is similar to Resin Rustic, just a bit thinner and different colour effects.  Metallic epoxy is a rapid growing and developing trend especially is the US. 

We have a wide range of colours that we can blend on the floor in many different ways.


Metallic FX  – The new standard in resin flooring coating


Metallic Epoxy Floor over concrete in Auckland New ZEaland

Plain Epoxy or Urethane

Sometimes you just want a floor to perform it’s function and not steal the show.  A plain colour floor that stops the dust and is easy to clean.  A tidy surface that exists in harmony with the surroundings.


Epoxy Floor Systems

Office space floor – Tuff Floor UR


Office Floor - Urethane coating