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Polished Concrete vs. Other Flooring Options

For your residential or commercial property, you can choose from various flooring options — and many of them will have particular merits in common. For example, tiled, hardwood and linoleum floors are all available in a vast range of designs and can long remain in good condition if maintained effectively.

However, polished concrete flooring comes with all of these benefits as well as many others. Below, we detail how polished concrete compares to other forms of flooring in a number of key respects.

Ease of Maintenance

You probably already know from bitter experience how easily a carpet stains and how frequently it has to be vacuumed. Meanwhile, linoleum flooring can need waxing from time to time, while tiled flooring comes with grout lines where grime could accumulate — potentially necessitating some awkward cleaning.

Conversely, polished concrete is appreciably easier to maintain. Its glossy surface resists stains while also ridding you of the need to apply any protective waxes or coatings.

All in all, just occasional damp mopping can suffice for preserving the condition of a polished concrete floor — especially as it would be able to hold up well even against heavy footfall.

Implications for People with Allergies

If you have allergies that tend to flare up when you are around carpet, it’s possible that this soft covering is harbouring allergens like pollen and dust mites.

Given that you could struggle to remove many of these allergens even through regularly vacuuming the fabric, you might want to swap the carpet out for polished concrete flooring. It won’t hold dust mites — and, for reasons explained earlier in this article, requires less effort to keep clean than carpet.


Generally, the more natural the materials used for flooring, the better for the environment it will be. This helps to explain why wood and nature stone fare well on this score, while linoleum can also be eco-friendly if it comprises wholly natural materials.

Still, on the green front, polished concrete can outclass even these flooring options by absorbing the sun’s heat before releasing it at times when you would otherwise have to turn up the thermostat. The flooring’s highly reflective surface can also lessen your property’s reliance on electrical lighting.

We can finish polished concrete floors to high, exacting standards at a wide range of New Zealand homes and workplaces. Interested in learning more about our extensive remit and the polished concrete options we offer? You are welcome to phone our team on 0800 733 566 or 021 73 76 73.