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Choosing the Right Floor Coating Contractor

Floor coating services involve the careful application of a protective layer atop your current floor’s surface. This could be an acrylic resin, epoxy resin, or even a polyaspartic floor coating. There are many benefits to a floor coating for your home or business – they can enhance the durability, appearance and performance of a floor. This is ideal for high-traffic areas in a property, or for rooms you’d like to maintain a showroom look. But, the right floor coating contractor can make all of the difference to the final look and feel of your floor.

With the help of Floor Masters, providers of premium floor coating services in our own right, find out how to choose the right flooring contractor for you:

  1. Their level of experience – You should choose a floor coating contractor with extensive experience in their work. Experience often equates to a higher-quality project. Plus, certain contractors specialise in different kinds of floor coatings – do they provide epoxy coatings, polyurethane or something else? Depending on your requirements, their experience should inform your investment.
  1. Their customer testimonials – What do past customers say about your contractor’s work? Does their portfolio demonstrate a consistent, high-quality of floor coating services? We recommend contacting past clients that have left reviews if possible to enquire about their satisfaction with the job. A contractor with few reviews, or reviews that are rather general, should be dealt with carefully.
  1. Their licensing and insurance – Any floor coating contractor you use should be licensed to operate in New Zealand, with liability insurance that protects both you and their employees if things go wrong. Qualifications and certifications are always important to check before hiring, too.
  1. The quality of materials used – The type of resin used in a floor coating service is very important, but so is the quality of the resin being used. Are their materials guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting? Where are they sourced from? For example, the polyaspartic formulations that we use at Floor Masters are available in 100% solid, solvent and VOC free versions; tried-and-tested to be of a high quality.
  1. Their transparency – Is your contractor transparent about their warranties, their costs and their materials? Your contractor should be open, honest and detailed about every step of the floor coating process so you know your investment is well-spent.

The right floor coating contractor for you is a mere phone call away. Get in touch with Floor Masters, and experience the best floor coating services in New Zealand. There’s no better way to enhance the look, feel and appearance of your flooring.