Duroshield is a concrete floor treatment system that hardens, seals and adds stain resistance to concrete floors. This is a cost effective method of treating concrete floors that will not be covered by other coatings or floor coverings. It uses 2 different chemical treatments.

Firstly the floor is treated with Creteshield DN. Creteshield DN is a concrete densifier (penetrating sealer), that works by soaking into the concrete, reacting with the free lime to form a gel that swells and solidifies in the pores on the concrete. The result is a harder floor, increased abrasion resistance (approx 40%), dust proofing and greatly reduced moisture transfer. Because of the hardening of the concrete, wear is significantly reduced and many of the issues asociated with degraded concrete floors are eliminated. Such as surface wear, rough patches and moisture migration.

The floor is finished with Creteshield SR. Creteshield SR is a stain resistor that protects the floor from general staining agents and minor chemical attack. The small molecular size and low molecular weight of Creteshield SR allows deep penetration, providing a very hard, non-slip surface and stain resistant finish that will not flake or peel. A unique stain blocking additive penetrates concrete micro-pores and chemically bonds, providing long-lasting stain resistance to most inorganic and organic contaminants found in food stores, restaurants, warehouses and distribution centers.

Concrete Care can also treat floor joints with Flexible Cement II. Flexible Cement II offers excellent edge support while allowing dynamic movement. The result is joint edges do not collapse causing “speed dips” for fork hoists and trolleys.

Below – Warehouse Stationery store – Diamond polished to 100 grit (Resin) then finished with the Duroshield system. Grinding was needed to remove carpet glue and paint.



Benefits of the Duroshield System

  • Concrete is hardened
  • Abrasion resistance is increased by about 40%
  • Stops concrete dusting
  • Greatly reduces moisture migration (allows moisture vapor of about 2% to release hydrostatic pressure)
  • Prevents majority of staining agents leaving a mark.
  • Easy clean finish
  • Meets The Static Coefficient Of Friction Requirements Of ASTM D-2047
  • Very economical – approx $10/SqM for jobs of 1000 SqM or more + any preparation (if any)
  • Fast application and return to use (up to 5000 SqM per day)
  • Eliminates the need for other expensive coating systems, such as epoxy (unless heavy duty chemical resistance is required)

Highly recomended for all new retail and warehouse floors. Will prevent the need for disruptive repairs and maintanence later on. Prevention is less expensive than the cure, in both time and money.