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UC Floor - commercial kitchen Auckland

UC Floor

Urethane Cement is now the leading technology for durable industrial and food production floor toppings.

Older screeds like Sureshield and epoxy mortar screeds did offer strong floors, but there are essentially bags of dry sand stuck together with resin, leaving millions of voids between the particles.

UC Floor is different.  It is a high performance, resin rich mix of resin, cement and fillers.  It is a homogenous mixture that is devoid of voids.

So beyond being very strong, semi-flexible and offering high chemical resistance, it can in no way harbour bacteria.

Food Grade Floor

Because UC Floor is unable to harbour bacteria, it is perfect for commercial kitchens and food manufacturing areas.

Industrial Floors

UC Floor is very durable – reaching 50 MPa (standard industrial concrete is 25-35 MPa), but also has some impact absorpsion. 

This makes it the perfect choice for industrial and manufactuing floors, especially ones subject to impact.

UC Floor options

UC Floor 1

UC Floor 1 is  a smooth finished 4-6mm thick topping of Urethane Cement.  It can be left as installed (matt finish), or have a gloss coloured coating applied. Light non slip additives can be included in the top coat.

UC Floor 2

UC Floor 2 is  a Non Slip finished 4-9mm thick topping of Urethane Cement.

It requires a top coat to encapsulate the broadcast sand.  The level of Non Slip can be changed to find the right compromise between slip resistance and cleanability.

UC Floor 3

UC Floor 3 is  a Non Slip finished 6-8mm thick topping of Urethane Cement.

It uses a large calcinated bauxite chip to create an as laid not slip finish that is easy to clean,  Best suited to areas that are often wet. It can be left as installed or top coated.

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