Syncoat FAST resin floor coating system – 1 DAY application – next day USE

Syncoat FAST is a no compromise resin floor coating system – full speed, full performance (better performance than most resin floor coatings)

Syncoat FAST - whisper Grey
Syncoat FAST – whisper Grey

As with any quality flooring installation – proper floor preparation is required.  We usually diamond grind the surface to remove any prior coatings or surface contamination and ensure the surface is porous and will absorb the base coat epoxy resin.

Our base coat is an epoxy resin which has the ability to wick into the concrete and create an exception bond and can withstand up to 8lbs of hydrostatic pressure.

This ensures the system remains bonded to the concrete indefinately.  We can use accelerators to speed up the cure rate of the base coat to as little as 90 minutes.  The base coat is also solvent free and low odor, safe to work around if production needs to continue in adjacent areas.

Once the base coat resin is tact free, we can apply our polyurea top coat. Our Polyurea is a high performance resin that has about 4 times the abrasion resistance of standard epoxies, is not brittle like an epoxy and cure quickly.  Once applied it will dry tack free in about 1 hour, can accept foot traffic in 4-6 hours and vehicle traffic after 24 hours.  Most other resins are 2-7 days.

Syncoat FAST will save you money by

  • Reducing down time
  • Allowing you to get back to work faster.
  • Lasting longer
  • Requiring less maintenace
  • Easy to clean
  • Great light reflection (power saving)
    Mica Flake Floor System
    Mica Flake Floor System
    6mm Grey E-Flake on Garage Floor - Auckland
    6mm Grey E-Flake on Garage Floor – Auckland

Syncoat FAST Plus – another option is to add decorative media (coloured flake or quartz) between the resins. (also called E-Flake and E-Quartz).  The advantage of this is a higher coating build (thicker) which means greater impact protection for the concrete, great wear resistance and a more decorative appearance.