Sparta-Flake Brindle Polyaspartic Decorative Concrete Floor Coating

Once again the Floor Masters introduce another floor coating finish for concrete floors, taking an industrial grade, durable flooring resin and making a system that is at home in areas that require STYLE.

Sparta-Flake Brindle is a twist on the long time popular Sparta-Flake concrete floor coating system that is commonly used for commercial kitchens, showrooms, factory floors, ablution and changing areas, internal and external walkways, garages and workshops and many other situations.

Sparta-Flake BrindleSparta-Flake Brindle uses a patterned flake.  Our standard flake systems use blends of solid coloured flake and are attractive in their own right, but Brindle brings a new level of sophistication and STYLE.


 Sparta-Flake Brindle uses the same USA manufactured patented Spartaflex polyaspartic resin as all our Sparta systems, so you are assured of high quality and high performance from this floor coating system.

Basalt Brindle Flake
“Basalt” colour Brindle patterned flake

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  • 3-5 times the abrasion resistance compared to other resins
  • 1-2hr recoat time – allowing jobs to be finished days ahead of other systems
  • Multiple coats, and often job completion in 1 day.
  • 2-4hr curing before light access – other systems need 1-2 days
  • Higher chemical resistance
  • Higher heat resistance (about 3 times)
  • Low and 0% VOC (harmfull solvents) formulations on request
  • UV Stable – will not yellow or degrade with UV exposure
  • Range of Colours available
  • Different levels of non slip available
  • Matt or higher gloss finishes available.


antimicrobalSparta-Flake Brindle provides a seamless floor coating that can be used for areas that require hygienic floor finishes or easy of cleaning.  We can Also use the New SpartaFlex Pure Antimicrobal polyaspartic resin that will kill bacteria on contact.


Sparta-Flake BrindleOur flake floor coatings are very durable and provide excellent wear resistance in high traffic areas.  They are also a lot less prone to scuffing and looking dull when compared to other resin based floor coating systems.

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