Decorative concrete resurfacing – Comparison

Floor Masters are New Zealands Leading decorative concrete resurfacing (overlay) installers for concrete floors and external concrete surfaces.This is an initial skim over a diamond ground tile floor - before being finished with Levelcov

Since 2000 I have been transforming concrete floors and concrete surfaces in and around residential and commercial buildings in New Zealand with our concrete resurfacing/overlay systems.

We have developed a number of different systems and finishes for decorative concrete resurfacing or as some people call it, concrete overlay.

What is a decorative Concrete Overlay or Resurfacing?

In basic terms our resurfacing/overlay systems are a thin (1-5mm) layer of polymer modified, cement based, concrete refinishing compound, that is applied to existing concrete surfaces. In some circumstances, we also overlay fiber cement sheet or existing tiles.

Where would you use decorative concrete resurfacing?

We have a range of concrete resurfacing/overlay products and systems for internal and external situations.

We do a lot of residential work, such as concrete driveways, paths, patios, pool areas, entrances, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, garages, laundries (basically all concrete from the street to the back fence).

We also do a considerable amount of commercial work, from pubs and cafe’s, to shops and showrooms.  Walkways at schools, pool surrounds, parking areas, courtyards ….. and lots more.

Why resurface concrete?

Because it is cheaper, faster and better looking than removing the existing concrete.

If the existing concrete is stable (not falling apart) we can resurface or overlay it, make it much more attractive and appealing.  We say “we change the face of Concrete“.  We use the existing concrete as our base, and add a thin layer of an engineered polymer cement product over the top as a coloured, attractive and functional new finish.  Our Systems are sealed for lasting results and protection from the elements that causes concrete to wear and discolour.

What systems do we have?

Broomcova resurfacing
Was laid in the wrong colour

Broomcova external concrete resurfacing/recolouring.

Broomcova is a very strong polymer based application that is applied in 2 thin coats and is used to recolour concrete.  Applied at about 1mm it uses polymers similar to road marking paint to create a super strong bond to existing concrete.

Being thin it shows any base texture of defects that have not been addressed prior to application, but is a good way to refresh paths, driveways, carports and walk ways.

Broomcova concrete resurfacing is a plain coloured finish with no pattern (unless one is cut into the surface.  Finished with 2 coats of sealer – Matt or Semi-gloss.   External only (due to non slip texture).

WoodCrete decorative concrete resurfacing
Thincova – WoodCrete – it’s concrete not timber

Thincova Internal concrete resurfacing

Thincova is very similar to Cretecova (next system).  It is a very thin trowel finished polymer cement based floor topping/coating.

Applied in 2 layers, it creates a smooth or lightly textured surface that can be left as a  plain surface or patterned, stained or dyed.

We have even been replicating timber floor finishes.  With the advantages – not warping, discolouration, thermally better (heat banking into the slab) and better bacteria inhibition.

Thincova is easy to clean and maintain and look fantastic.

Cretecova decorative resurfacing
Cretecova over rough/ugly concrete

Cretecova decorative resurfacing for internal external concrete surfaces.

Our Cretecova system is a hand crafted floor topping about 1-3mm thick with some texture variations, giving it a slightly rustic, natural finish.  From reasonably smooth (thincova can be smoother) to a layered slate like finish or weathered timber grain finish, our applicators can create a unique concrete floor or external surface to meet your design brief.

nz Bivouac - Queen St CretecovaMost often Cretecova is finished as a large tile, but the design is up to the client.  We have a wide range of colours and colour blends available.  What  I love about Cretecova is that every floor is unique, the colour and texture can flow from tile to tile and the finishes are unique as the clients.

Cretecova is suitable for both internal floor and external surfaces.  From Driveways to retail floors.

If you want to tranform concrete into a floor our fantastic external living area, Cretecova is the option you should consider.  We can replicate sandstone and natural stone tiles in record time and at half the cost.  All our work is sealed for easy care and lasting results.


Spraycova external concrete resurfacing

Driveway resurfaced with Spraycova
Was a rough badly exposed aggregate surface before we arrived

Spraycova is the same base product as Cretecova, but it is applied through a texture sprayer.  the result is a stippled (slightly bumpy surface) that has it’s own anti-slip finish.

Spraycova is a more cost effective option for large expansive areas like driveways.  It can also be used for external living areas (i prefer Cretecova) like pool areas, patios and pathways.

Because of it’s stippled finish it is great for sloped areas that require additional grip. (our other external finishes use an antislip additive in the sealer)

Levelcova internal smooth resurfacing/overlay

Levelcova floor over older tiles - decorative concrete resurfacing
Same floor as at the top of this page, that had terracotta tiles

Levelcova is a 5mm thick floor topping.  It has a smooth finish as the product flows over the floor.  Levelcova gives a flatter/smoother finish than the other trowel applied systems.  it is usually scribed into large tile patterns and has an amount of natural colour variation, or can be colour washed or stained/dyed to create all manner of effects (blank canvas).

Levelcova is good for covering rough floors or existing tiled floors.

We are working on a systems where we can provide a polished concrete ovelay finish over existing floors that are not suitable for polishing due to damage or repairs.


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