Seal concrete floor in warehouse or factory

Looking to seal the concrete floor in your warehouse or factory?

If you are looking to seal your concrete floor with a coloured coating for light reflection and asthetics, or to hide concrete floor stains or dis-colouration,  then check out our Sparta-Guard concrete floor coating/sealing systems.

But if you want to seal concrete floor, stop dusting, harden the concrete and increase the life of the floor, Then Creteshield CS is the right choice.

Creteshield CS is a reactive densifier/concrete sealer.  On it’s own it will not work, but when applied to a concrete floor (or any concrete, it has a chemical reaction with “free lime” or unreacted cement within the concrete to create a gel. This gel then expands and fills the pores within the concrete matrix, blocking them, making the concrete denser, stronger, harder and sealed.

Other concrete sealers and concrete paints/coatings are applied to the surface of a concrete floor.  They “glue” to the surface of the concrete floor and are subject to bonding issues, flaking, peeling and wear.  Different types of sealer have different performance characteristics.

Creteshield CS is a lifelong sealer.  Applied once, it forms a permanent bond within the surface matrix of the concrete floor.  It works in the top 5-15mm of the concrete floor, so until you wear that out, it’s there.  AND because the surface is harder and protected from moisture transfer, it has a much longer life.

Creteshield CS is not the only densifier in the world, but it has many superior advantages over other types of densifing concrete floor sealers.

  • Creteshield CS is insoluble after curing.  Other densifiers can slowly migrate deeper into the concrete over time, especially if the surface gets wet or is regularly washed, losing effect at the surface where it is needed.  There is not use having a sealer below the surface.
  • Creteshield CS is Hydrophobic.  The reactive formulation creates a water and moisture repelling substance.  The surface will bead water for a time, but the internal reacted matrix will always resist moisture.
  • Creteshield CS Has NO VOC’s.  Is safe to work with and around. No masks are required when working with or near Creteshield CS when it is being applied.
  • Creteshield CS has no solvent content.
  • Creteshield CS is odourless.
  • Creteshiled CS makes very little to no difference to the colour of the surface.
  • Creteshield CS does not add gloss to the surface, (like a topical sealer would) but over time the surface may develop a little more gloss as any proud particles may wear off, leaving a smoother denser surface.
  • Cresteshield CS is the perfect “natural Look” Sealer.
  • Creteshield CS is perfect for all unsealed concrete surfaces and can even be applied to concrete blocks. If it has lime in the matrix/mix Creteshield CS can react and perform.

Typical situations where Creteshield CS is of benefit

  •  All unsealed/unpainted concrete floors
  • Concrete and block walls
  • Manufactured stone pavers – like sandstone,hinewera etc…
  • pathways
  • patios
  • driveways
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Planter boxes
  • As a densifier in polished concrete
  • Garage floors to stop dusting and deep oil staining.



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