Mica Flake Flooring is a high end flooring finish.  Mica is a natural mineral product that forms in sheets or layers.

Mica sheets are taken and broken into graded size flakes.  We can do floors with 6mm or 1.5mm mica flake additive for different finishes .

Mica has a glistening appearance and can make an expensive looking floor finish.

Mica Flake Floor System
Mica Flake Floor System

Coupled with our high performance resins, we can create a tenacious bond to a prepared concrete floor, apply a base colour, broadcast the mica flake into the base resin, then top coat with one or more coats of our high performance top coating that can provide high gloss, high chemical resistance and excellent abrasion resistance.

This high performance flooring system is only about 1mm thick, but is extremely durable and easy to maintain.  The resins chosen for each project can meet the specific requirements of the service required.  Moisture barrier base coat or Solvent free or High chemical resistance or Fast application speed or Higher abrasion resistance.

We can transform an area in as little as one day (or night) and open to foot traffic after as little as 2 hours cure time.

Suitable for retail stores like high end shoe shops, boutiques, cafe’s, restaurants, hotel foyers, public offices, waiting rooms for professionals, airports, high end bathrooms and more.

Mica Flake flooring system samples

See Below for our 4 standard colours – more colours are available on request.


MIca Flake
Mica Flake for Resin floor system – High end finish

Floor Masters Offers 2 Mica flooring systems from  our US suppliers

1) E-Coat system uses an epoxy base coat with a hybrid epoxy that can be accelerated for fast cure. Their own colour blends  of flake and a polyaspartic and polyurea top coatings

2) HP Spartacote Sparta-Flake Mica systems uses low or 0% solvent polyaspartic resins for all coats.  A coloured base coat, then the Mica Flake, then 2 polyaspartic resin clear top coats.

Why do we have 2 systems?  Depending on the requirements.  If we need to do a full solvent free system or are able to assign enough staff, we would generally use the HP Spartacote system.  If we need to have a bit longer to apply the mica flake, the Versatile system allow us to take a bit longer.

Each supplier also has their own colour blends see above.