Granipoxy – Self Levelling “Granite look” Epoxy Floor Coating system

Granipoxy is an amazing epoxy floor finishing system, that looks great!

Granipoxy - Dark Grey - Kitchen

It’s like having a seamless granite floor

320SL GranipoxyGranipoxy is a specially formulated epoxy resin and fine granular coloured aggregate.  Granipoxy is a 2-4mm self levelling epoxy resin based floor topping with very high wear resistance and a satin or gloss finish (the former being less prone to showing scuffs.


Granipoxy 320SL light grey installUnlike other resin/aggregate screed products, Granipoxy is more homogeneous and cohesive. Granipoxy becomes a solid floor with no pores, where as other systems are aggregates glued together.  This means that bacteria and moisture can not reside within the matrix of the Granipoxy system.

Granipoxy floor - Dark Grey

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Granipoxy is suitable for a wide variety of flooring situations

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  • Entrances
  • Walkways
  • Reception and waiting areas
  • Food courts and cafe’s
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Garages
  • Production areas
  • Laboratories
  • Living spaces
  • Break rooms
  • Retail spaces
  • Showrooms
  • ……many others



Granipoxy light grey - restuarant






Granipoxy epoxy floor coating
Dark Grey Granipoxy
















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