Factory and Warehouse Concrete Floor Joint Repair

Floor Masters have just invested considerable $ in a new Polyurea Floor Joint Pump.  We now have added capability to quickly undertake concrete floor joint repairs in warehouses, factories, chillers and any space that benefits from having sealed and filled joints. 

Concrete Floor Joint repair
Concrete joint repair

Concrete floor saw cuts and construction joints are placed into a concrete floor slab when it is first laid.  These saw cuts and floor joints are an introduced weakness point, so when the concrete is curing and shrinking (concrete shrinks as the water and moisture escape), it does so in a controlled manner.  Then the tension can be restrained to the cut or construction joint, rather than creating random cracking.

Random cracking can still take place in concrete floors and slabs. But these should be repaired with a product such as Fast Fix.  Fast Fix is a fast cure, water thin hybrid polyurea, that is able to penetrate a greater depth of the crack and also soak into the sides of the crack to create a stronger repair.  Fast Fix allows 7% movement – which is much better than epoxy.

If the concrete crack is severe, with a large gap or a height difference between 2 sections, then we recommend a STAPLE REPAIR. A staple repair adds cross cuts and vertical holes, then a steel staple is inserted, adding additional strength and the repair is completed with Fast Fix.

So Cracks should be repaired with the view to stop the movement and strengthen the floor.  In contrast we want to allow joints and concrete cuts to move, to prevent random cracking.

Concrete Floor Joint Repair

Back to our Polyurea Joint Pump – It allows us to make faster joint repairs to your floor joints – so you can keep working.


  • JOINT TITE 750 is a self-leveling, 100% solids, two component, rapid curing, polyurea control joint and crack filler. 
  • JOINT TITE 750 is designed to fill interior random cracks, damaged control joints, saw cut control joints, and construction joints in industrial concrete floors. 
  • JOINT TITE 750 is designed specifically for commercial, retail, and manufacturing floor applications which receive high volume vehicle traffic, such as fork lift or hard rubber wheel carts. 
  • JOINT TITE 750 is flexible, allowing normal slab movement, yet strong enough to protect the vertical edges of concrete joints from spalling under extreme loading. 
  • Also JOINT TITE 750 can be placed in a wide temperature application range of -7 to 66 DegC.

Joint tite 750 diagram
Prevent damage to your floor joints! or repair joints.

Joint Tite 750 is perfect for concrete floors subject to wheeled traffic – wheels, especially hard small wheels like those found on electric fork hoists, can wreck floors by causing the edges of saw cuts and concrete construction joints to crumble or spall.  Also those wheels are expensive to replace.

Joint Tite 750 has a great balance between allowing the concrete joints to move and providing support to the concrete joint edges.  This prevents the edges from cracking away. Because once you get a broken joint edge, you have a bigger hole that creates a greater impact and loose material in the gap that wears away at the surrounding area even more and it quickly gets worse.

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