Toyota chooses HP Spartacote Polyaspartic

Floor Upgrade to Toyota Distribution Centre

– change to polyaspatic resin flooring

After a few years of use, areas of the existing concrete floor coating at the Toyota® Parts Distribution Centre in Vancouver, B.C, had worn through and was in need of restoration. Toyota had a long-time concrete floor repair partner, Roselli Construction, to evaluate the floor and make a recommendation. There was a big challenge in this project, as they would only have the weekend to do the concrete floor work.

At that time Roselli discovered LATICRETE SPARTACOTE® concrete coating systems. They installed a mock-up area around a loading bay and coated industrial traffic lines, and Toyota ran industrial traffic over it (Forklifts, pallet jacks etc) to test the floor for months. After Toyota was satisfied with the coatings test area, they gave the Roselli team the go-ahead to do the entire industrial floor.

Floor was prep ground and cler coated with Yellow lines - Spartacote Polyaspartic resins allowed about 460 SqM to be completed in a weekend. Roselli has completed around 2,323m2 so far, with another 5,574m2 to coat, and the crew does around 465m2 each weekend – including both the prep of the substrate and coatings. SPARTACOTE FLEX SB™ clear coating system was used over bare concrete, prepared to a CSP 2, and a special tint base was made (“Toyota green”) for the facility’s walkways and the safety lines.

Toyota had expressed they were very happy with the progress on the floor and love the durability on the SPARTACOTE coating, as well as the fast turnaround time for their busy industrial environments.

Contact Floor Masters Ltd in New Zealand for your factory and warehouse floor coating project.  We have been the New Zealand Distributor for HP Spartacote (now owned by Laticrete) and successfully installing their patented Polyaspartic resins for about 5 years. 0800 733 566

Floor was prep ground and cler coated with Yellow lines - Spartacote Polyaspartic resins allowed about 460 SqM to be completed in a weekend. Our polyaspartic resin floor coating systems offer many advantages over traditional epoxy coatings.

  • Polyaspartic is much faster to install, requiring only about 1 hour between coats (rather than a day)
  • Faster return to use – about 4 hours till foot traffic and 24 hours till vehicle traffic (epoxy needs 2 and 5 days)
  • Low or 0% solvent – Clients staff can work right next to the area being coated.
  •  Non Yellowing – most epoxies and other resins will yellow with UV exposure, be it sun or artificial light.
  • Higher heat, chemical and abrasion resistance.  polyaspartic just lasts much longer.


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