Floor Masters are experienced in many forms of concrete floor preparation

Floor covering removal/uplift

We take care of floor preparation and can remove and dispose of existing floor coverings such as carpet, tiles, vinyl, etc.>We remove the coverings with minimal damage to the substrate and can then remove any glue residues via grinding.

Floor preparation - vinyl removal

Floor coating removal

We can remove paint and sealers from concrete floors. We have many clients who are moving into or out of new buildings (new to them) and need to either prepare the floor for what they want, or return it to "As leased" state (often means ready for carpet).

Grinding off floor coating

Floor Preparation Grinding

Floor Preparation Grinding We can grind concrete floors for coatings and prior to re-installation of floor coverings or resurfacing. With multiple machines we can quickly get the work completed and keep you on schedule. 30 - 30,000 SqM to the required standard. Need to clean up a concrete floor prior to, or after a leasing period? Call us for all your floor preparation needs.

floor preparation grinding

Floor Preparation Leveling

We can level or smooth floors, and external concrete areas to stop puddling.

Floor Masters use the highest quality floor repair and leveling compounds, and choose the right one for for each application. Our work won't fail after you cover it with costly flooring products. Sometimes savings come at a cost - there are some cheap and nasty products flooding the market at present. We have a range of products available and can make recommendations depending on the end use and time frame for return to use and access.
Prep work for carpet, vinyl, rubber, timber etc.
Floor Masters has been leveling floors for over 20 years - We've learnt a thing or two about doing it right. We've invested in a mixer pump, that not only allows us to work faster, but leads to better results because we can get enough product on the floor fast enough to prevent slump drain.

One of our largest project to date was 26,000 SqM of floor leveling, and we have done smaller jobs that only require a couple of bags.

Floor Leveling with pump mixer

Floor Leveling

Floor preparation


Floor Prep


Our new Mortar mixer/pump – mixes 90 bags an hour and pumps it into place.


RampingWe can construct ramps and transition heights of adjoining floors. Cementitious or Epoxy mortar can be used, depending on the purpose.

Epoxy Mortar can be 2-4 times stronger than concrete – great for heavy loading and increased abrasion resistance. Can also be finished to a feather edge.



[pillow_box_inset width=”100%”]Joint and crack repairs

Floorprep1We can fill saw cuts in concrete floors with a range of products to meet your budget and performance requirements.

We can repair spalled (broken) joints to make smooth transition for wheeled vehicles and trolleys.

We can grind down raised edges of slabs.

We can do quality crack repairs with “Fast Fix” or epoxy mortar, depending on budget and time constraints.



We now use the Zipwall Dust barrier system. This is a plastic sheeting system that stops dust transfer to other areas of the job site.

Floor Preration

We have just purchased a mixer pump with the capacity do lay 90 bags per hour. If you need larger jobs done quickly, we can do in an hour what most companies can do in a day.

Floor Prep


Our new Mortar mixer/pump – mixes 90 bags an hour and pumps it into place.