Sparta-Flake - Decorative resin flooring

Sparta-Flake is a polyaspartic resin based floor coating system.

There are many advantages polyaspartic offers over other resin coatings.

Sparta-Flake Garage floor coating
"Light Grey" Sparta-Flake floor in a Jaguar car collectors Man Cave.

Sparta-Flake is a great finish for a wide variety of concrete surfaces.

Common applications are –

Commercial kitchen floor NZ
"Black Canyon" Sparta-Flake floor in a commercial kitchen

Why choose Sparta-Flake?

Sparta-Flake offers the benefits of a resin coating, without it looking like just a painted surface.  The speckled effect of the coloured flake makes the floor much more interesting.  It takes your floor from a monotone surface to something that has life and character.


Our polyaspartic resins really set a standard for resin floor coatings.  As a contractor, polyaspartic is all the things we wished epoxy was.  The key advantages are how fast we can recoat the floor.  With epoxy it is typically one coat per day. With our polyaspartic, we can apply the next coat in 1-2 hours.  This means that jobs that used to take 3 days to install, we can do in 1 day.  The resin itself is a lot more expensive than epoxy, but with the time saving, we can bring the job cost much closer and the client get a much better performing floor. (some other contractors are using different polyaspartics with a much slower cure rate – because they are easier to work with).


The other advantages of polyaspartic are around the performance.  While epoxy is quite stiff and brittle, polyaspartic is more flexible.  This means that is actually is less prone to wear and scratching.  In the standard industry abrasion test, a typical epoxy will lose 80mg (product worn off the sample), compared to our resin losing 22mg.  This means our product has a much longer service life.  It also means that a lot of incidents that will mark an epoxy floor, won’t even mark one of our floors with polyaspartic.


The other advantages are it’s UV stability.  All epoxies, and most other resins, will change colour, what we call amber, with UV exposure.  Polyaspartic is not effected by UV light.  It has 2x higher heat and much better chemical resistance.  Low odor during install.


Another reason to consider Sparta-Flake is it’s thickness.  The thicker the resin coating, the more impact resistance the resin coating offers (the thicker the coating the more it can absorb the impact and protect the concrete).  With the added layer of vinyl chips, the overall thickness of our Sparta-Flake system is greatly increased. 

Here is a video that shows the Sparta-Flake process.