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Warehouse and factory Floors

Resin Floor Coatings

Polished Concrete


We’ve got you covered

We offer a wide range of solutions for warehouse and factory floors.  From dust control, to food grade floors. From aesthetics to HEAVY DUTY Industrial.

We repair joints and cracks and install industrial grade resin coatings

So Many options

We have an option that will be just right for your situation. Be it performance or decorative (or both).  We use both local and international brands and formulations to design a system that will meet your requirements.  Trust the experts

There is beauty on the inside

We grind, seal and polish concrete floors.

From very light polishing, to heavy aggregate exposure.  We offer a range of topical coatings, or diamond polishing.

If it’s not right -Yet

With over 24 years in the floor preparation business, we’ve learned a thing or 2.

  • Preparation Grinding – no substitute for bond
  • Floor Leveling
  • Moisture Barriers
  • Ramping
Floor Master

You will find lots of information here about resin floors, concrete flooring solutions and concrete resurfacingIn Short – we offer a wide range of concrete floor treatments, coatings and floor finishing systems to transform new and old concrete floors into attractive and more useful surfaces. Commercial, Industrial and Residential concrete surfaces.

Adam Haining


Why choose Floor Masters

 Floor Masters has the options – Because we offer a wider range of services than anyone else who specialises in concrete floor solutions in New Zealand. This means we can offer a range of solutions with seasoned advice. It also means that if things unexpectantly change during the project, (you pull up the old floor covering and discover unexpected problems), we have options and you don’t have to start again, looking for another contractor.  We are also connected to a worldwide network of contractors (Adam is an admin in a group of over 11K members) and constantly learning new techniques and are accessing the latest materials and products.

 This website is a culmination of over 24+ years of trying to explain what we can do with concrete floors.  We have such vast experience and offer so many varied solutions that you may get lost on this site.  Often it is best to type a word or two into our search box and then check the results.


Some of Our Core Services

Floor Preparation

The most important part of every job, is floor preparation.

We undertake removal of old floor coverings, glue and coating removal, floor grinding, floor leveling and moisture mitigation.

Resin Floor Coatings

We have a wide range of resin coatings and take the time to select the system that best suits your needs.

Epoxy, Polyaspartic, Polyurethane cement, Urethane, Polyurethane. Commercial , Industrial and Residential.

Polished Concrete

Call us regarding your requirements.

From surface polishing to heavy aggregate exposure, we are here to help.

Wet and dry polishing systems to bring out the inner beauty of your concrete floor.

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

For more than 22 years, we have been applying cement based overlays and resurfacing new and old concrete floors and surfaces.

We have floor finishes that look like trowel finished concrete, tiles, slate and natural stone – even wood finishes. Internal & external surfaces

Moisture Barrier Damp Proofing

Got a problem with rising damp and moisture ingress?

Our moisture barrier systems are the answer.

Proper floor preparation and high quality products are the formula for success.

Floors and Walls.

Concrete Sealing

Protect your concrete floors and surfaces from spills and stains.

We have an extensive range of concrete sealers for internal and external concrete surfaces.

Gloss, low sheen, matte and invisible sealers.

Cleaning and preparation.

Resin floor coatings

Since 1999 we have been installing a wide range of resin floor coatings.

Commercial and industrial resin coatings are our main focus (we also do some select residential projects)

We offer a wide range of different resin floor coating systems – to match the clients requirements.  There are 3 factors to consider when choosing a resin coating system.

  1. Performance – the coating must be fit for purpose.
  2. Appearance – Does your floor need to be attractive?
  3. Cost – this needs to be considered both short and long term.
Our resin floor coatings include – Epoxy, Polyaspartic, Polyurethane, Polyurethane Cement, Urethane, Polyurea, MMA and Hybrids.

Polished Concrete Toppings

Sometimes a concrete floor is not suitable for polishing the existing concrete.  Floor Masters can add a 12mm or more, topping over the floor and polish it.  If can be a plain finish, fine aggregate (salt n Pepper) or medium size aggregate exposure.

Contact us with your requirements

We do Concrete grinding and polished concrete

We have been concrete grinding in New Zealand for 20 years.  From floor prep to polished concrete floor finishes.

Small to large scale jobs.

Contact us with your requirements

Decorative concrete Resurfacing

Refresh your existing concrete with Concrete Resurfacing, concrete floors and surfaces transformed.  

We have a number of concrete overlay systems to meet your taste and design brief. Resurfacing 

Internal and external concrete


Cretecova Random resurfacing
Factory floor coating auckland new zealand
Factors floors - garages ...
Blue Sky Metallic FX
Metallic Epoxy floors
Heavy duty trowel systems

Commercial, Industrial and Residential resin coating specialists. Epoxy and, Newer/Faster return to use Polyaspartic resin flooring systems to meet the demands of any client.

Epoxy Coatings – Polyaspartic coatings – Moisture barriers

Factory and warehouse floor treatments and repairs

Factory, production and warehouse floors are some of the most neglected and abused concrete floors in New Zealand.  Constant traffic, both pedestrian and often fork hoists and vehicles, cause many issues with these concrete floors.  From dust that settles on stock or gets into items being worked on, to the floors wearing and failing.  Rough surfaces that wear out wheels or bumps that make moving stock difficult or unsafe.

Floor Masters have a range of solutions from joint repairs and crack repairs to filling of spalls and holes.  We also offer concrete hardening and dustproofing systems that take about an hour to apply and can remain is use.

Further we have fast return to use high performance polyaspartic resin coatings for additional chemical and wear resistance and aesthetic improvement.

You have a problem concrete floor – We have a number of options – Call us 0800 733 566


Sparta-Flake Garage floor coating

Garage Floor Coatings

We do a lot of garage floor resin coatings.  You’ll be  getting the guys who do larger commercial and factory floors, bringing their expertise and knowledge + high performance products to your home.

We mostly use our polyaspartic resin systems like Sparta-Flake, (our most popular garage system).  It’s a 1-2 day process, and ready for foot traffic in 2-4 hours and a car in 24 hours after we finish.  It looks amazing – not like a “painted” floor.

We also do plain coloured resin Sparta-Guard, Metallic Epoxy and coloured Sparta-Quartz.

We also do Grind and Seal finishes and Polished Concrete.

Speed Polish - trowel polished concrete floor

Speed Polish

Speed Polish is one of the latest developments in polish concrete floors.  It is different to architectural polished concrete that you might see in a conference centre or a high end retail store.

Speed polish is designed to give a well laid concrete floor a gloss finish. Increase light reflection, make it easier to clean, harden the surface and stop concrete dusting.

The main difference between “architectural polish” and Speed Polish is the equipment used to polish with.  For traditional polished concrete we use planetary concrete grinders and polishing machines.  These are heavy and move slowly over the surface, removing surface material.  Our Speed Polish system uses a large power trowel (normally used when the concrete is poured, to give a smooth finish.

Our machines are fitted with special diamond tooling and a wet polishing process is used to refine just the surface of the concrete.


Speed Polish requires a good floor to start with.


Concrete Densifying - chemical hardening and dustproofing

Dust Proofing - Concrete Hardening

New or old concrete can really benefit from our Seal hard or Creteshield CS densifying treatment.  Our densifiers are carefully balanced solvent free chemistry that soaks into the surface of the concrete, reacts with the “free lime”, forming a gel that swells and blocks the pores of the concrete surface.  This then hardens and permanently fuses within the concrete matrix.

There is no coating to flake or peel or wear off.  Rather the top 3-10mm of the concrete is chemically strengthened – what we call the wear surface. 

An increase in abrasion resistance of around 40%.The sealed surface also stops dust being released from the concrete and reduces the ingress of liquids. Perfect for warehouses, storage units, and clean environments.

Our Seal Hard System is specified for all Costco stores world wide (they are the 2nd biggest retailer in the world).

Our Creteshield CS is another step forward and is made from New Zealand raw materials.  It’s a green technology that uses elements extracted from geothermal water that already powers electricity generation.  CS has a unique performance property whereby it will not only react with lime in the concrete, but will bond to itself to make a more complete martix.