How to fix a bad Concrete Floor or Concrete slab

For over 16 years I have been fixing a huge variety of problems with concrete floors, concrete driveways, concrete paths, basements.  You name it I have probably been called to fix it.

cracked driveway being resurfacedProblems range from

  • concrete floors not being flat or level, puddling, draining the wrong way…
  • Rain damaged concrete is very common in Auckland where rain can appear from nowhere.
  • Surface delamination in warehouse floors.
  • Cracks and Joint spalling
  • Coloured concrete where they put 8kg of oxide instead of 18Kg
  • Slippery surfaces – concrete too smooth – concrete too rough.
  • Problems with rising damp/hydrostatic pressure causing moisture to come through concrete floors and walls.
  • Even dealt with smelly concrete.

GOOD NEWS – We know how to fix most problems

Over 16 years of researching and finding the best product for every challenge.  I love the fact that we are not tied into one product supplier or brand of products.  This allows us to use to best suited systems to make concrete floor repairs.

The other great aspect of our experience is that the knowledge we have gained is transferable to other aspects of repair work because we have gained so much knowledge about the characteristics and behaviour of concrete.

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Director at Floor Masters Ltd. Dedicated to research and development to bring our clients the best solutions to their many challenges. I want you to have the right solution for your situation.