Thincova is our latest addition to our “Cova” [pronounced – cover] range of decorative concrete resurfacing solutions.

Thincova is similar to our Cretecova resurfacing system,

Silver Fern - stained into Thincova Concrete Resurfacing
Silver Fern – stained into Thincova Concrete Resurfacing

but has a lower profile texture (about .5mm).  Thincova requires the base to be smooth (or we can smooth it with floor preparation) as it will reflect base imperfections.  Thincova is the perfect solution when you have a good quality concrete slab and just want to add effect or change the colour.  Thincova is also a great way to prepare a concrete floor for a staining effect.  You can change the base colour to any of our standard resurfacing colours or we can create custom colours for special projects.

Entrance with Silver ferns and Logo stained into Cretecova concrete resurfacing
Entrance with Silver ferns and Logo stained into Thincova concrete resurfacing

Thincova bonds directly and completely to a concrete substrate or over hardiflex (hardiflex can be glued and screwed to a wood substrate prior to resurfacing).  Thincova (and all our concrete resurfacing systems) share the thermal properties of the concrete substrate, therefore you get maximum thermal benefits from this flooring system.

If the concrete floor is a bit rough, we can grind/skim or level prior to applying thincova.

Like all our decorative concrete resurfacing systems, Thincova is finished with 2 coats of sealer to protect and make it easy to clean.  We have standard and advanced sealing systems, and also solvent free systems.

One external surfaces an antislip additive is used in the sealer.

Thincova Concrete resurfacing floor
Thincova Resurfacing at a day care centre – With High Gloss Sparta-Flex Pure (solvent and VOC free sealer)

Thincova is fast, Because it is thin, it dries quickly and most jobs may be able to be completed in one day (depends on preparation).Converse Thincova floor - sealed Auckland NZ

Thincova decorative resurfacing concrete floor AucklandThis is one of 3 floors we did at Converse stores in Auckland with a very light grey Thincova – Sealed with Spartaflex polyaspartic clear gloss resinThincova decorative resurfacing concrete floor auckland