We provide 2 types of waterproofing, Surface membranes to prevent water from moving in a downward direction. and moisture barriers to prevent moisture transfer through concrete in any direction.

We are Licenced applicators for Ardex products. We use Superflex for wet area waterproofing membranes (bathrooms and other wet areas) and Hydrepoxy 300 for moisture barrier situations.

We also can apply Creteshield 101. Creteshield 101 will internally seal concrete and blocks by chemical reaction within the substrate. It is not classed as a waterproofing membrane but will prevent moisture transfer as long as the substrate does not crack or move. This is a cheaper option for people who believe that have dealt with the underlying issue and just want some extra protection.

Superflex now has BRANZ approval and meets or exceeds the Building code specifications. It also has a 15yr product warranty.


Water based 
Free of solvents and toxins, non flammable and free of dangerous odours. Water clean up while wet, user and environmentally safe.

When applied to specified thickness, the cured film forms a waterproof barrier that withstands wet and moist environments, including areas continuously immersed.

The cured film demonstrates flexible properties to accommodate normal substrate movement from building surfaces and protection against rupturing of the waterproof membrane.

Quick drying 
As a 2 part membrane, this product offers fast drying properties in all types of climate eliminating prolonged curing in cool or humid conditions. This avoids delays for proceeding trades when applying tiles or other toppings over the membrane.

The cured membrane is tough and durable, while remaining flexible. Displays good wear resistance to foot traffic and although not sold as an exposed membrane, Gripset 2P is able to withstand light foot traffic and extended periods of UV exposure before resurfacing commences.

Continuous immersion 
Ability to remain immersed as a waterproof barrier before tiling, e.g. water features, pools, planters etc. A minimum 5 days curing is required before full immersion.

Compatible with tile finishes and other surface toppings 
Able to be tiled directly over with suitable tile adhesives. Screeds, renders or concrete toppings can be applied directly over as well as other floor/wall coatings or finishes.

2 – Creteshield  More details>>>