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We have been testing our Metallic FX colours in Polyaspartic resins, which have a faster working time, faster curing and return to use times.  So far they have proved a winner and we are keen to do some smaller floor areas (20-30 SqM) at just above cost price.

If you have a small showroom, meeting area or display area and would like a WOW floor, please call me, Adam,  on 021 4266 27


1) No two floors will look the same. Colour Styles can be replicated, but the detail and effect will vary.

2) Most floors we have seen are high gloss (a property of high performance Polyurea top coats) but we are investigating lower gloss finishes.

3) Metallic Epoxy floors are suitable for residential, commercial and retail situations.  They have great durability under all uses.

4) Preliminary costing put this at about $130/SqM installed.Metalic EpoxyMetalic Epoxy

Metalic EpoxyMetalic EpoxyTapware Floor Metallic Epoxy

Metalic Epoxy