Spraycova is perfect for external concrete areas that need to look great.

Spraycova is a polymer modified cement product used to resurface concrete.  It adds a new layer (2-3mm)of coloured concrete over the top of the existing old, worn, discoloured or mismatched concrete.

A special blend of Cement, Polymer and fine aggregate fuse together to make an extremely hard surface. The product is manufactured and imported in various colours which can be blended together to create an unlimited range of colours and tones. The Product is coloured right through and is not effected by UV rays. Please note we import our products because they are the best, this means you can trust them to last.

Effects can be :-

  • Plain solid colour without a pattern
  • Patterned – we can tape larger “tile” or “paver” patterns, or we have access to a range of stencil patterns – see below.
  • Borders – we can create plain or patterned borders, it the same or different colours.
  • Colour fleck – we can mist another colour over the top to create a fleck finish.


Spraycova systemSitting TableGarage



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The Spraycova system usually takes 2 -3 days to complete.

Day 1 – the area is prepared – cracks are repaired, the surface will be diamond ground or waterblasted if required. The surrounding surfaces are masked off with plastic and tape.  If required a skim will be applied to smooth the surface or create a “grout” colour in the lines.  If time and weather permits, the Spraycova will be applied.

Day 2 – The spraycova is applied (if not done on the first day).  Then the borders are coloured.  The tape or stencil is removed (thats the exciting part).  The area is checked and touch ups made where required (any bleed spots or leaves removed etc). The surace is swept and blown clean and 2 coats of sealer are applied.


Features of Cretecova

  • There is no grout to go mouldy.
  • Transforms old, ugly, worn, discoloured and mismatched concrete into a revitalised attractive and useful area.  Better than it ever was.
  • The process only adds 2-3mm to the surface.
  • The surface is sealed for lasting results and easy cleaning. Advise on choice of sealer (Matt, Semi-gloss or high gloss).
  • Moss and mould can not grow in the surface as the concrete is sealed and does not retain moisture.
  • Spraycova is up to 3 times as hard as concrete.
  • Fast application, quick return to use (2 days in most cases, allow 4 days for vehicle traffic).
  • Tile effect (if you want it) can be any size you desire.
  • Looks fantastic. You will be the envy of your friends, and they will think you paid a lot more for it than you did.

Colour Chart


Spraycova Chart


Driveway Resurfacing with Spraycova

Dear Adam

We wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the results of the work that your team did to repair our driveway. We have now gone from the having the worst drive on the street to having the best. Our neighbours are impressed!

Your Company provided us with a practical and cost effective solution to our badly rain damaged original concrete drive.

We found all interactions with Adam to be efficient and professionally managed and you and your team were a pleasure to work with. We especially appreciated the extra effort that your team went to, and the additional hours that they worked to fully complete the job before a weekend.

Our new house is the result of years of saving and hard work and so we were devastated when our driveway turned out to be such a mess.

We now count ourselves lucky to have had rain damage as it has meant that your repair is far better than the original could ever have been. Thank you once again.

Kindest regards Douglas and Sandra – Albany, Auckland.

Spraycova decorative concrete resurfaced driveway


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