Heavy Duty Floors

Urethane Cement floor

UC - Urethane Cement

King of the super durable industrial floor coating world. UC is a homogeneous, non brittle 3-12mm floor topping system that is well suited to floors that need to endure impact and wear.


  • Moisture tolerant
  • Solid – no internal voids
  • Not Brittle
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low Odour
  • Fast Cure 
Non slip urethane cement floor

Urethane Cement or some referred to as Polyurethane Cement Uses a 4 component mix – 2 part resin (A & B), a cement/aggregate blend and a colour pack.  The resin is a quick reacting blend and once mixed needs to be quickly spread onto the floor and  distributed at the desired thickness.  The product once put in place will flow and level.

Urethane Cement is a floor topping rather than just a coating.  Many thin film coatings like roll coat epoxy, polyaspartic (Spartacote) etc… provide the role of a sealer, dustproofer and chemical resistance, – and that is great for many situations.  The difference with UC is that it offers much greater impact resistance and heavy duty wear resistance.

I describe it like this when talking to clients – Imagine you take a hammer and bash it onto the concrete – you will make a small pile of dust that is the surface of the concrete you crushed.  Now take a very thin piece of plastic and put it on the concrete – if you spill water of oil or something else, it won’t soak into the concrete.  The plastic has given it some protection.  Now drag a brick over the concrete, it might mark the plastic, but not damage the concrete.  Now wack it with the hammer again.  You will likely break the plastic and have a smaller pile of dust.  The plastic did well until if suffered a heavy impact.

Now if we put down a thick – say 3-4mm thick piece of plastic on the concrete and do all the abuse tests again.  It is very likely that the plastic will not be damaged very much and the concrete will not be damaged at all.

This is how resin coatings work.  Different resin systems have different characteristics and offer specific performance benefits.  Urethane cement is at the top of the class for wear and impact resistance. If you have any confusion or are unsure what sort of coating or topping system is best suited to your situation – call us (numbers at the top) or fill in our contact form