Polyaspartic is a high performance, fast cure, fast return to use, concrete floor coating system

Check out this video about Spartacote polyaspartic systems from our manufacturer

This is a video about Spartacote, a manufacturer of polyaspartic coating systems and decorative resinous flooring for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential markets. Floor Masters Ltd is the NZ distributor for HP Spartacote products.

Have you heard of Polyaspartic concrete floor coatings?

Most people have some understanding of epoxy floor coatings.  Epoxy is a 2 component thermoplastic and is probably the most common floor coating system on the market.  Early epoxy chemistry was developed about 1927, so epoxy has been around for a long time.  Over time many epoxy formulations have been developed for different characteristics.  From epoxy glue to epoxy floor coatings.  Check out our epoxy systems here

Polyaspartic, or more accurately, Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea is the New Generation of concrete floor coating technology.

In the early 1990 chemists came up with the formulation for Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea.  Polyurea is a co-polymer elastomer.  The words to watch out for with floor coatings is Aliphatic and Aramatic.  They refer to the type of polyisocyanate used.  Aramatic coatings will discolour or yellow with UV exposure (sun light, fluoresent, LED or halogen lights), Aliphatic coatings are UV stable and will not discolour.

The advantages of Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea over an epoxy coating system are:

  • Polyaspartic coatings are 3-5 times more abrasion resistant than epoxy coatings.
  • Polyaspartic floor coatings are ready for recoat in 1-2 hours (epoxy is  typically 12-24 hours).
  • Multiple coats can be applied in one day.
  • A polyaspartic concrete floor coating is ready for light use in 4-6 hours.
  • Things can be stored in the area after 6 hours.
  • Open for full use after just 24 hours – (3-7 days for an epoxy).
  • Minimal downtime. Companies can save thousands in overheads and lost revenue.
  • With a Polyaspartic system, in many situations a floor can be completed in one day and ready for use the next day.
  • Higher temperature resistance. Can withstand incidental exposure up to 158 Deg C , i.e a quick steam clean.
  • Higher chemical resistance including skydrol for aircraft hangars.
  • Solvent free formulations available without compromise in quality.
  • Low or 0% VOC formulations allow work to continue in adjacent areas.
  • 100% solid, 0% VOC formulations can be considered “green” and pass US LEEDS requirements.

Reasons you would want a floor coating.

  1. Easy to clean  – a “sealed” concrete floor is a lot easier to keep clean.
  2. A coated concrete floor will last a lot longer than and uncoated concrete floor.
  3. Better appearance.  We can clear or colour coat the floor or have a range of decorative media such as coloured vinyl flake or coloured quartz.
  4. Better light reflection.
  5. Antislip additives can be added to the coating.
  6. Better chemical resistance.
  7. Moisture proofing from rising damp (hydrostatic pressure).
  8. Healthier environment.  Meet health and hygiene standards.
  9. Lots more situational reasons……….

We have a number of polyaspartic floor coating systems depending on the use of the area and the visual requirements of the client.

1) Plain coloured coating system with or without antislip finish. more info

2) Plain coloured coating system with fine, medium or coarse quartz broadcast between coats for added durability and antislip.

3) Decorative coloured (multi) quartz with clear top coats for durability and visual appearance.

4) Decorative coloured (multi) Flake floor with 2 clear coats for added durability and visual appeal.

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