Levelcova is our range of self levelling, cement based, resurfacing systems used to create a new “concrete” finish over existing concrete or well secured tiles.

Levelcova decorative concrete floor resurfacing

Levelcova resurfacing is in some ways similar to our Cretecova resurfacing system.  Levelcova is a 5-10mm layer of self smoothing engineered concrete compound, that is applied over a concrete floor to create a new floor surface.  Levelcova can also used to resurface over tiled floor with some additional preparation.

Our Cretecova resuracing system has a natural stone like surface texture, but Levelcova has a smoother finish. Because of the finish, Levelcova has a more modern appeal and suits a more minimalist environment.


This is an initial skim over a diamond ground tile floor - before being finished with Levelcov

Levelcova is great for resurfacing over tiles or damaged concrete floors

This is an initial skim over a diamond ground tile floor – before being finished with Levelcova

But don’t be fooled – Levelcova also has a wild side.  Because of it’s ability to create a smooth docile surface it also allows us to treat is as a canvas.  The surface can be colour washed for a subtle effect or more dramatic contrasting colours can be used to gain attention.  Logo’s, designs and patterns can be scribed or stained into the surface.  Borders and “inlays” can be created.  You can live in tranquility or unleash the beast – the choice is yours.

As with all our cement based overlay/resurfacing systems, it bonds directly and completely with the concrete substrate and shares it’s thermal properties.  It transfers ambient and radiant heat into the “bank” of the concrete slab beneath and slowly releases it when the external temperature drops.  Concrete floors are rarely cold and can help reduce your heating costs.  If you opt of in-floor heating, our resurfacing systems allow for greater effeciency due to the perfect bond between the concrete floor and the resurfacing.  Other glued and floating floors prevent optimum heat transfer into the concrete with loss as high as 90%.

Levelcova floor over older tiles - decorative concrete resurfacing
Finished Levelcova floor - colour K80

Resurfacing is fast

Most floor can be resurfaced in just 2 days and ready for foot traffic the next day. Large tile patterns can be scribed into the surface, which is much more relaxing that the busy look of  the small tiles you see this floor had before.

Levelcova is a Floor Masters Ltd brand of Finished Floor self level floor toppings, constructed with the best suited products we have been able to source from manufacturers from around the world.
There are lots of floor levelling compounds available, but 95% of them are solely underlayments (need a floor covering over them for protection, and are not suitable to be used as a finished floor. A quick look will reveal that every manufacturer has many variations of floor levellers, some have over a dozen different products that are very similar, yet each has been formulated for a unique balance of cost and performance.
The composition of a floor finishing product is a fine science and takes some clever chemistry. The perfect balance of strength, hardness and flexural properties, the ability to be highly flowable, yet resist shrinkage cracking or delamination.  And it needs to look good.

DL Gray Base with Dark Gray VeinsWe have chosen Drytek Lexelex DL as our base product for our Levelcova DL, Levelcova DLP, Levelcova DLS and Levelcova DLPS systems. DL stands for Decorative Layer, P stands for Polished and S stands for Stained or Dyed.

Levelex DL our base product, is available in Grey base (Standard) or White base and can be intergrally coloured with mixed pigments during processing.

Levelcova DL is a pour, trowel and seal system that can be applied to smooth flat surfaces from as little as 3mm thick, or if required, any thickness up to 32mm.

Levelcova DLS is the same as DL but the surface is stained or dyed once the product has cured.  Single or multiple colours of dye can be applied to form patterns, logos or designs, or as a mottled finish.  These can be subtle or dramatic – Levelcova DLS is a canvas waiting for a masterpiece.

Levelcova DLP is the same as DL, but once the product has cured, the surface is mechanically ground and polished.  The DL finish has some colour and textural variations as the polymers and fines of the compounds float to the surface and the heavier particles sink a little.  By grinding the surface the finish become more monolithic and you see the fine specs of the larger particles.
We can add larger particles such as sand and smaller aggregate (size depends on the thickness of the layer).
DLP is installed at a minimum of 10mm, and up to 32mm thick and between 1mm and 5mm can be ground off depending on the finish required – if the pour is 20mm and thicker, up  to 10mm aggregate can used then a deeper grind will reveal more aggregate in the finish.

Gray Dl Polished Coating

Levelcova overlay/topping of concrete floor polished concrete with staining/dye finish Levelcova DLPS is the same as DLP but the surface is stained with a range of concrete dyes or stains.  We have a range of 37 dye colours (Abstract and Vivid Dye range).  These can also be applied at different strengths and blended to provide a very wide colour choice.  Beyond that, dyes can be used to fully colour areas of the floor or the whole floor.  The colour can be applied in many different ways for unlimited effects.  More than one colour can be overlaid for more mottled finishes.