Sparta-Flex Pure – Solvent Free, Polyaspartic resin floor coating

Sparta-Flex Pure  – is a 100% solids, solvent and VOC free, polyaspartic floor coating resin

Sparta-Flex Pure polyaspartic clear coating over Thincova
Sparta-Flex Pure polyaspartic clear floor coating over Thincova

Sparta flex Pure polyaspartic opens a whole new world for us and our clients.  We can now apply floor coatings that offer faster install, faster return to use and higher performance …… without solvent smell or hazards.  Safe to use around people, animals and plants.  Won’t taint food stuffs or risk explosion or fire.





If you have a time critical project and can’t have solvents, VOC’s or odours this is the answer.  Now available in NZ

Sparta-Flex Pure is a polyaspartic, dual component resin with the following benefits

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  • Solvent Free polyaspartic floor coating (very low odour)
  • 0% VOC’s – no nasties
  • 4 times the abrasion resistance of epoxy (polyaspartic resins last much longer)
  • Higher chemical resistance
  • Higher temperature resistance (can be steam cleaned)
  • UV stable – will not dis-colour or break down with UV exposure
  • Remains semi flexible – not brittle, less prone to cracking
  • Faster install – 1-2 hr recoat (2, 3 or more coats finished in one day)
  • Faster return to use – (4-6 hours foot traffic, 24 hours full use)
  • Higher gloss retention
  • Fire tested to NZ standard and exceeds highest standard
  • Slip resistant systems
  • Crystal Clear or coloured options
  • Suitable for decorative media (flake or coloured quartz)
  • Suitable for Metallic effects
  • Suitable over “Abstract” concrete dyes


Sparta-Guard Pure - used in woodwork shop to prevent slipping on MDF dust nz
Sparta-Guard Pure – solvent free, VOC free polyaspartic resin floor. Antislip finish to prevent slipping and injury in woodwork shop with MDF dust. Completed in 2 days including a moisture barrier, ready for use next day.  Colour – Light grey


Manufactured by HP Spartacote in Colorado USA, Floor Supplies Ltd is the New Zealand distributor of their range of Sparta-Flex polyaspartic resin floor coatings and other products.

We have used Sparta-Flex Pure in day care centres, animal enclosures and have it specified for prisons and airforce installations.  Sparta-Flex Pure costs a little more than standard Sparta-Flex 72, but there are many areas where solvents cannot be used and Sparta-Flex pure is the best options.  Higher performance and faster install makes it the sensible choice.

Sparta-Flex Pure polyaspartic can be used as a clear coating over prepared and polished concrete, decorative resurfacing (overlays), prepared epoxy coatings and more.  As a Tinted coating it can be used  in our Sparta-Guard system(industrial grade coloured concrete paint), as a base coat to our Sparta-Flake system (with clear over the flake) and our Sparta-Quartz system.

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Specify Sparta-Flex Pure polyaspartic for your next project

Technical data sheet SpartaFlex®-PURE™2013-TPB FM[/basic_box]

Have a chat to on of our sales staff about what Sparta-Flex Pure polyaspartic can do for you.


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