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How Long Does It Take To Grind A Concrete Floor?

How long to grind concrete floor depends on several factors, like the size of the floor, the condition of the concrete used and how smooth you want the concrete to look at the finish. But, there are some general guidelines as to the timescale of such a project if you’re concerned about finishing renovations or starting construction. Let us explain, here:

  • The Preparation – The preparation process for grinding a concrete floor is thorough. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned, with adhesives, coatings and imperfections removed. Overall, preparation could take several hours to complete. For large-scale projects, it could take a day.
  • The Grinding Process – The grinding process, where a concrete grinder with diamond-embedded pads is used to remove surface irregularities and polish the floor to a smooth, sparkling shine, can take a long time too. This depends on the hardness of the concrete, the grinder used, and how smooth you want the surface to be. For smaller projects, it tends to be a day’s work, and for larger ones, it could take several days.
  • Progression – Grinding progresses in stages, from coarser grinding pads and discs to finer ones as surface imperfections are gradually removed. Each stage takes a varying amount of time depending on the requirements of your project. It’s hard to tell!
  • Drying Time – The drying time of a concrete surface after grinding generally ranges from several hours to an overnight task. It’s important to maintain consistent temperatures, low humidity and proper ventilation in your property to speed this process up.

On average, if we keep the figures discussed above in mind, the concrete grinding process (from beginning to end) could take anywhere from three days of work to one week or more. Take the requirements of your project into account when discussing timeframes with a professional versed in concrete grinding.

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