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6mm Light Grey E-Flake Floor

Garage/workshop floor – decorative flake floor – New Zealand

Time lapse video of decorative vinyl flake floor

Above is a video of a workshop/garage floor we did in Omata (NewPlymouth).

The owner has built a workshop/garage for his Jaguars (hope to get some pics of the cars in there).  The job was a little over 100 SqM.

We drove from Auckland on Thursday morning (5am Start) and arrived on site about 10 am.  The concrete garage floor was very hard, so we had to do our first grind with aggressive diamond discs on hand grinders.  We then finished the garage floor with our planetary grinder to ensure a smooth floor.

We also filled the grout lines of the part block (about 100mm high) around the edge to make a “cove”.  This required a double application of flake for full coverage.  The floor was then coated with our Whisper Grey epoxy base coat and broadcast with 6mm Light Grey .

We left that overnight (normally we can do a job in one day due to accelerators that speed up curing)

The next morning we recovered the excess flake and scraped the floor to remove the rough edges.

It started to rain, so thankfully we were able to set up our mixing station on the timber covering the pit.

We then applied our first top coat, a specially formulated polyaspartic that dries in about 30 minutes.

Once the Polyaspartic was dry we applied our polyurea top coat.

We were done by midday, said bye to our happy client,  then the 5 hour drive back to Auckland in the rain.

Epoxy flake flooring systems have been around for years, and have proved to be long lasting.  We have removed many that have been down for about 20 years.  I must admit I was not a fan of the look. I felt that the colours that had been used were outdated.

About a year ago we looked at it again.  Resin technology has advanced and the range of flake available has caught up with the times.

We are extremely impressed with our offering and can offer a 10 year warranty against peeling or flaking.  We have an advanced epoxy base coat that wicks into the prepared concrete for maximum adhesion.  it can even withstand moderate rising damp (hydrostatic pressure).

Into this base coat we broadcast a vinyl chip or flake.  This flake is special because it will absorb a small amount of the base coat and the top coat to become an integral part of the system.  It also adds to the build or thickness of the system and increases the impact resistance and wear thickness.

We use two top coats – a polyaspartic top coat primer (a top coat in it’s own right) that is fast drying, can be over coated in 30 minutes.

The final coat is our 5073 Polyurea.  Polyurea is a newer resin technology that offer far greater performance than epoxy resin floor coatings.  Polyurea is aliphatic, it does not yellow with UV exposure, offers about 4 times the abrasion resistance of standard epoxy resins and cure quickly.  Epoxy takes about 48 hours for mechanical hardness, with Polyurea we can allow access after about 4-6 hours.  This is critical for situations where costly closure needs to be minimised.

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