Commercial Kitchen Floor Coating

Floor Coating for commercial kitchen floors

Do you need to install or replace your kitchen floor? We have some great solutions and options.

A kitchen floor coating is very important.Commercial Kitchen Floor coating

We have all seen many commercial kitchen floors with failing vinyl floor coverings.  The problem with vinyl is that over time the vinyl shrinks and becomes brittle.  Also once vinyl starts to fail, it often lets a lot of moisture get under it and becomes a stinky haven for bacteria and mold.

Having a better flooring solution in a commercial kitchen is very important. The primary reason would be for health regulations.  For a restaurant, cafe or food processing kitchen, having a floor coating that will prevent bacteria from hiding from cleaning and maintaining a healthy environment is paramount to protecting client confidence.

We have been contacted many times by companies with commercial kitchens that face closure because their floors are not up to standard.  Health inspectors have visited and giving them a limited time to get it sorted.  They then face the tough prospect of having to close for the floors to be rectified.

A seamless floor coating in a commercial kitchen makes sense and will save you Dollars and embarrassment.

We have a few options when it comes to seamless commercial floor coatings.  Seamless is an important factor when if comes to preventing bacteria control.  A floor should not have any areas where it is hard to fully clean the surface.  A resin floor coating such as Epoxy or Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea offer the right long term solutions.

Epoxy floor coatings

You have 2 main options with epoxy coating

  1. Roll Coat epoxy systems offer a less expensive coloured floor coating with adequate chemical resistance for standard cleaning chemicals.
  2. Self levelling epoxy floor coating systems offer great impact resistance and a longer service life.

Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea floor coatings

We have 3 options with our polyaspartic floor coatings

  1. Plain coloured floor coating.  Fast cure, Fast return to use, exceptional durability.
  2. Decorative Flake floor coating. This has a coloured base coat, a blended coloured decorative flake layer and 2 clear top coats.  It has added durability and all the benefits of the coloured system.
  3. Decorative Quartz floor coating.  Has a coloured base, a blended coloured quartz layer and 2 coloured top coats.  Vitrually indestructable under normal use.

Our Polyaspartic floor coating systems have many benefits over the epoxy coatings.

  • Faster recoat time – 1-2hours (epoxy 8-24 hours).
  • Faster return to light use – 4-6hours (epoxy 2 days).
  • Faster return to full use – 24 hours (epoxy 3-7 days).
  • Higher chemical resistance.
  • 3-5 times the abrasion resistance.
  • Higher heat resistance – can be steam cleaned.
  • Better gloss retention.

Want to save money on your floor?

Our Polyaspartic floor coatings will minimise your downtime and get you back to work much faster as well as offer you a much longer service life.

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