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Recoloured Asphalt

Asphalt Sealing/Recolouring – decorative

You know that black stuff we drive on – Asphalt.

We use it for driveways, courtyards, footpaths, tennis courts etc.  Well, did you know, it does not need to remain black (or faded grey if it has been down for a few years and is oxidising).

Recoloured asphalt
Recoloured asphalt

You may also not be aware that it can, and should be resealed every 3-5 years.  Not only to maintain it’s appearance, but to protect and preserve it.

Weather and UV exposure will over time cause it to oxidise and periodic maintenance will greatly prolong to life of the  surface, as well as making it look new again.

We are now gauging the demand and interest from the commercial and residential sectors for this system in New Zealand.

We see scope for

Carparks – your property could be seen on google earth if you put you logo out there.

Recoloured asphalt
Recoloured asphalt
Resealed Asphalt
Resealed Asphalt

Schools – walkways, courtyards etc

Prisons – walkways, courtyards

Public areas

Recoloured asphalt
Recoloured asphalt




Recoloured asphalt
Funky pedestrian crossing

Designated road lanes.


*note – photos are not our work.  shown as examples of what can be achieved.



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