Floor Masters is cleaning up in New Zealand – factory floors, workshops and warehouses

Floor Masters NZ is in the business of cleaning up your old concrete factory floor.

If you have an old or tired looking warehouse, factory or workshop floor we have a number of solutions to give it a facelift.

We have recently done a number of quite old workshop/warehouse/factory buildings that have Clean grind workshop-factory floor come back up for lease.  The previous tenants operations left the floors looking a little sad and not real inviting for prospective tenants. These diamonds in the rough fetch a better lease fee, if the prospective tenant does not have to “imagine” what it might look like. Our services range from a Clean grind to remove paint, surface stains and general grime, right through to full resurfacing systems for a more damaged workshop floor.

Factory floor restoration or purpose specific factory flooring are all well within our repertoire.

We have a wide range of resin flooring systems/coatings  for factory floors and industrial floors and are sure to have the right system for your situation.  We have a great relationship with a number of suppliers and have been able to cherry pick the best products and systems each has to offer.We have also taken the time to understand the pros and cons of each factory floor coating system to make sure we can custom specify one or more resin products for your project.  We actually have a reputation for asking our suppliers questions that no-one else asks (because we have a good understanding of technical details and  want to know how it will perform in a specific situation).

 We typically use 2 types of resin systems (or a mix of both)

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Epoxy resin factory floor and industrial floor coatings.

Epoxy resin floor coatings have been around for about 100 years.  There are many variations and it is important to match the right formulation to the intended use.  Because it is an older technology, cost have come down and it is a cheaper coating option in many situations. One situation where epoxy resin is better, is  for factory and industrial floors is thicker applications that offer greater impact resistance.  The general rule of thumb is the thicker the coating the greater the impact resistance.[/basic_box]   [basic_box width=”100%” pagecurl=”off”]

Polyaspartic resin floor coatings for commercial, trade and industrial floors.

Sparta-Guard Pure - used in woodwork shop to prevent slipping on MDF dust nz
Non slip floor in woodwork shop

Polyaspartic floor coatings (Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea) were developed in the early 90’s. Polyaspartic coatings are  growing in popularity because they allow faster install and higher performance.  We all know that less downtime means less loss of profit.  Many floors can be completed in just one day, ready for light use after 6 hours and full use after 24 hours. And polyaspartic floors will give a longer service life, our Sparta-Guard floors offer 3-5 times the abrasion resistance than epoxy. Polyaspartic resin has many advantages over traditional resin factory floor coatings. We even have Solvent and VOC free formulations that mean other areas of operation can continue without interruption – Saving you even more $ [orange_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Fast recoat time – 1-2 hours
  • Fast return to use – 4-6 hours
  • 3-5 times higher abrasion resistance
  • UV stable – won’t discolour with UV exposure
  • Higher chemical resistance
  • Higher heat resistance.
  • Remains flexible

[/orange_tick_list] [/basic_box] Our systems are suitable for factory floors, warehouse floors, showroom floors, all concrete floors…. Give us a call about your factory floor or any concrete floor that you need coating.


Director at Floor Masters Ltd. Dedicated to research and development to bring our clients the best solutions to their many challenges. I want you to have the right solution for your situation.