Floor Preparation – Self Levelling concrete floor

Floor Levelling - floor repairs

Please fix my floor!

Many concrete floors are not laid flat or level enough for floor finishes or covering to to installed. We level floors.


What We Do

Floor Levelling

From new construction to renovation projects - people need level floors to build on, and install floor finishes.

Flat Floors

Some customers just need their floors flatter - we can grind down humps and fill hollows in concrete floors

Moisture barriers

One of the most important factors in flooring is keeping moisture out - we can take care of it.

We have about 20 years experience in repairing and levelling concrete floors - from massive office buildings to residential basements
levelling a concrete floor in Auckland

This concrete floor was 32mm out of level

We fixed it

moisture barrier and floor levelling Auckland

This floor had moisture issues and was not flat

We fixed it

Before levelling this concrete floor

Moisture damaged floor

Before we Fixed it

self levelled concrete floor

<- That floor Fixed

Yes we did

If you need your concrete floors brought up to standard, you should give us a call.  Many people call us and ask “how much do you charge to level a concrete floor?”.  This is not simple to answer as we need to determine how much product is required.

We need to plot the floor – if it has a very obvious undulations we need to do a tight grid pattern of floor heights – add them all together and average the fill required.

We also look at the possibility of concrete grinding humps in the floor to reduce the amount of filling required to make the floor level or flat.

Beyond the quantity of product required, we need to look at a number of other factor, such as what is going to be done with the floor after it is levelled – different floor coverings and coatings have different substrate strength requirements – e.g. a timber floor glued to the floor will transfer a lot of stress as the timber expands and contracts with heat and moisture level changes.

Also the minimum and maximum thickness of the levelling compound may determine which levelling products are suitable and which are not.


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