Floor Levelling

Making floors flat and at the right height - Farmers Sylvia Park

Floor Masters Ltd was contracted to raise the floor level on an existing area of Sylvia Park Mall, to match the height of a newly laid extension.

The amount of floor leveling compound that was required was greatly increased when the de-fit contractor jack hammered the old concrete slab and made the depth greater than it needed to be.

rough floor needs levelling
Floor Levelling
Floor Levelling - floor repairs

Floor Masters can advise on the right products for your project

There are a lot of floor leveling products. with every manufacturer making many versions of their product.

The differences come down to how thin and how thick the product can be installed at, how hard the product will get when it is set, how much stress it can handle if for instance, a timber floor is glued to it, and if it can withstand getting wet or staying wet.

Performance is the main factor that determines the best suited product, but there is also the cost factor.  We have been using leveling products for over 20 years, and we also cherry pick products from different manufacturers to make sure we get you the right options.

Floor Leveling