EmeryTop 400 – Tough concrete floor toppings for harsh environments

EmeryTop 400 is the world’s toughest concrete floor topping.

 EmeryTop  400 is the trifecta – Superior abrasion resistance – Superior Impact resistance – Superior Chemical resistance

Emerytop 400 is the floor for the harshest environments
EmeryTop 400 – Built Tough

Multiply the service life of your transfer station tipping floors with the world’s toughest concrete topping.

No other type of concrete floor needs the degree of abrasion resistance, impact resistance, or chemical resistance as your transfer station tipping floor or heavy-traffic industrial floor. EmeryTop 400 floors are the toughest floors in the world. This isn’t hype. It’s a fact, and we can prove it. EmeryTop 400 was developed for the solid waste industry’s transfer station tipping floors. EmeryTop 400 is also the best choice for any floor subject to high point loads, high impacting loads and high abrasion. EmeryTop 400 is an excellent choice for floors subject to heavy machinery with cleats of pan type track. The non-metallic, non-rusting EmeryTop 400 topping is effective indoors and outdoors.

Why do other toppings fail?

Other toppings address only impacting loads and abrasion. They don’t address one of the most important causes of early topping failure: Chemical Attack. EmeryTop 400 is chemically engineered to combat common chemicals that destroy the cement paste holding the aggregate in place. These include milk, vinegar, urine, animal fat and most household chemicals–all common in solid waste. Once the cement paste is destroyed, the aggregate is lost. EmeryTop 400 can be placed over existing concrete floors or freshly placed concrete. The average thickness of placement is between ¾ inch and one inch (or more if required).

Why are EmeryTop 400 floors so tough?

EmeryTop 400 has twice the abrasion resistance of iron toppings and other emery toppings. Emery aggregate is the toughest aggregate is the world with a mohs hardness of 9. (A diamond has a mohs hardness of 10.) Most metallic aggregates have a mohs hardness of about 7 to 7 ½. (In the mohs scale 8 is often twice as hard as 7)

The major difference between EmeryTop 400 and other toppings is how EmeryTop 400 is chemically engineered to resist chemical attack.

Emerytop 400 chemically reinforces the cement paste against chemical attack, which doubles the abrasion resistance when compared to other emery toppings and iron toppings. This synergy between the emery aggregate and the chemically resistant cement paste that gives EmeryTop 400 its very high abrasion resistance.

Why EmeryTop 400 and Not Other Toppings?

  • Greater Abrasion Resistance
  • High Energy-Absorbing Capacity for Improved Impact Resistance
  • Non-Rusting
  • Greater Increased Resistance to Chloride Ion Penetration
  • Modulus of Elasticity Very Similar to Concrete for Greater Compatibility
  • Lower Drying Shrinkage Assuring Good Bond to Substrate
  • Can Be Placed and Finished Like Flowing Concrete
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost

How can I have an EmeryTop 400 floor installed?

L&M has trained a number of concrete contractors in the proper procedure for placement of EmeryTop 400. These skilled crews can schedule the work in a manner that will have the lowest impact on your operation, and will give you a turnkey price. Should you want to use your own concrete contractors, at no cost L&M will have a factory-trained expert at the job site the day of the placement of the EmeryTop 400.

Multiply the service life of your transfer station tipping floors with the world’s toughest concrete topping: Designed specifically for the solid waste industry, but also suitable for other harsh environments.

Attack #1: Abrasion

abrasion-shovel Abrasion: The constant scraping of your floor’s surface is, perhaps, the most incessant of the challenges you need to protect against. Day after day, the uppermost surface, the Near Surface Wear Zone of your floor, is being beaten and worn away, almost invisibly—until it’s too late. Once the wear surface is gone, all that’s left is loosely bound aggregate and cement paste. Now, vulnerable to impact and contaminates, the unprotected floor surface faces rapid surface deterioration, costly and time consuming replacement, and the very real risk of having to halt operations.

FACT: EmeryTop 400 Protects Against Abrasion.

In this first test, EmeryTop 400 is compared to a competitive, unreinforced emery aggregate topping and to a popular, industry standard iron topping. They were tested to determine relative abrasion resistance in accordance with the familiar ASTM C 944 test, utilizing rotating cutter wheels to simulate rapid abrasion. Under identical laboratory conditions, EmeryTop 400 proved to be nearly twice as resistant to abrasion as the other leading brands:

Nothing easier. Nothing tougher.

Everything about EmeryTop 400 is tough—except installation. Protecting a concrete floor that is subject to daily abuse used to be a long, tedious, and expensive proposition. What’s worse, most concrete floor toppings and floor coverings won’t last long under heavy contamination, abrasion or impact. That was then. But this is now—so you can have the best protection available for your concrete floor with less cost, reduced downtime, and longer, better performance. Compared to other options, EmeryTop 400’s installation is quick and easy. But the protection it offers is long-term and tough. Look at the independent test data. Then call us for real-world case studies. We’ll show you precisely how your floor can hold up for years under any abuse you want to throw at it.

Attack #2: Impact

Impact: Constant blows and repetitive strikes from heavy machinery threaten to crack even the thickest transfer station and industrial concrete floors. EmeryTop 400 is the first line of defense. In this important test, EmeryTop 400 was compared with a popular iron topping using the ACI 544.2 impact resistance testing procedure. It proved to be equally impact resistant as the iron topping.

The Zone of Protection: Protect your floor from impact with EmeryTop 400

This category of protection includes toppings. Products of this type must not only protect the near-surface wear zone from abrasion but also protect the underlying concrete from impact and point loads. In order to protect industrial floors from impact and point loads the protective material must produce a zone of protection. To understand how this zone of protection works we must first understand the physics by which a load travels through a material. When an impact or point load contacts the surface of a material, the area over which the load is very small. As the load travels through the material the area becomes larger as the load increases its depth of travel through the surface. The pattern of travel takes on the shape of a right circular cone, with the base being the area over which the load is dispersed at a given depth into the substrate material and the upper point being the initial point of contact. Materials that produce a zone of protection are placed over either hardened or plastic concrete as a topping. The thickness of the topping generally ranges from 3/4 to 2 inches (20-50 mm), sometimes more. The thicker the topping, the greater the area over which the load can be dispersed, and the less effect the impacting or point load will have on the concrete below.

Greater strength. Greater protection.

Weight and movement are a dangerous combination for concrete. Constant movement of loads from vehicles, load-bearing transfers, and patterned traffic areas add stress to unprotected concrete surfaces and the vulnerable concrete mass below. EmeryTop 400 gets between the load and the concrete to protect from weight and movement with more compressive strength for greater protection and longer floor performance. EmeryTop 400 tested at greater compressive strength under ASTM C 39 and at greater flexural strength under ASTM C 78 when compared to iron toppings.

Attack #3: Chemicals

chemical-truckChemical Attack: Maybe you know exactly what’s constantly seeping, dripping, and oozing on and through the surface of your floor. Or maybe you don’t. There’s no question that some floors are under constant attack from chemicals—the kinds that easily eat away at ordinary toppings like a malignant cancer. And once they’ve invaded the body of your floor, the damage progresses until there’s little hope for recovery. Stop chemical attack dead in its tracks. It might not be too late. EmeryTop 400 is ready for whatever is eating away at your floor, your safety, and your investment.

Internally sealed for longer life

In most high strength toppings, the cement paste is usually the first component to submit to chemical attack and begin to fail. After a relatively short period of time, the cement paste of either a concrete floor or of a cement based topping will begin to weaken and erode, losing its grip on the high strength aggregates and creating a weakened condition called micropitting. While initially difficult to detect, given the dirty environment that exists in most industrial and solid waste facility floors, micropitting becomes readily apparent as large areas of the floor surface deteriorate off the concrete substrate. EmeryTop 400 floors are uniquely protected against chemical attack through chemical strengthening and densifying of the cement paste. No other product can boast of the dramatic benefits that this feature provides the owner of an EmeryTop 400 floor. This internal sealing and strengthening of the topping greatly slows the rate of chemical penetration, resulting in a dramatic increase of the floor’s life cycle. Independent tests show that EmeryTop 400 has been tested for resistance to contaminant penetration in accordance with ASTM C 1202, and shows a significantly lower corrosion rate (when measured in coulombs) when compared to high strength iron toppings.


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