Garage Floor Coating

We want to do your garage floor!

We are based in Auckland (but have guys in Wellington and Christchurch) and this is New Zealand, it rains, lots, and when it rains we need inside jobs.

We love doing garage floor coating jobs – Because we can do them quick – In most cases we can start and finish your garage floor in the same day, because we use Spartaflex polyaspartic resin systems from Spartacote USA.

Unless we have a lot of remedial work, or the garage floor needs a moisture barrier, we can prep, make minor repair and apply up to 3 coats of resin in one day.  Our polyaspartic resins also mean that you can walk on the floor in 2-6 hours and park a car on it in 24 hours after the garage floor is complete – not days of work and then more days of curing (other systems will have you off the floor for a week) and in Winter, you want to park inside your garage.


I finished my own garage floor at 9am – and we moved all the stuff from our other house into the garage at noon.

We offer 5 different garage floor finishes

  1. Garage floor coatingSPARTA-CLEAR – This is a grind and seal finish – we can grind your floor clean, or go deeper to expose more aggregate.  This is a polished concrete look, but with a clear coating for more protection and an antislip finish.  We can also use a standard concrete sealer or our Sparta-clear polyaspartic coating for higher performance.[divider_line]
  2. Sparta-Guard - Polyaspartic resin floor coatingSPARTA-GUARD – this has a prep grind then 2 (or 3) coats of coloured polyaspartic resin applied.  This is an industrial grade “painted” finish (the same product we used at the Airforce base workshops)[divider_line]
  3. Garage floor coated with polyaspartic flake coating.SPARTA-FLAKEThis is now our most popular system.  Prep grind, then a coloured base coat with a decorative coloured vinyl flake broadcast into the wet coating.  Then 2 clear coats over the top – An attractive and durable blended coloured finish floor.  See the video of an install below[divider_line]
  4. Sparta-Quartz - Black Granite

    SPARTA-QUARTZ – similar to SPARTA-FLAKE, but uses fine blended coloured quartz aggregate to create the decorative finsish.[divider_line]

  5. Antique Silver Metallic FX resin floor coating New ZealandMetallic FX – a unique floor with a WOW factor.  A thick polyaspartic coating with suspension metallic pigments that give an effect that is amazing and one of a kind.  It is only for special projects (our last project had more than 1 Million Dollars of cars parked on it)  [divider_line]



Why you should only accept Sparta-Flex resin systems for your garage floor.

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  • HP Spartacote polyaspartic resin offers 3-5 times the abrasion resistance over epoxy.
  • No hot tyre pickup – will not peel or flake
  • Our polyaspartic resins do not dis-colour with UV like epoxy.
  • Superior gloss retention (matt available too)
  • Higher chemical resistance
  • Higher heat resistance
  • Slip resistant options




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