Hydropel – Sealer/moisture repellant for concrete and concrete block

Hydropel is a breathable hybrid Silane/Siloxane solution that is applied to clean vertical concrete walls and block work.

Product Description

HYDROPEL is a water-based, VOC-compliant, non-yellowing, water repellent treatment that remains invisible while protecting surfaces from damaging water penetration. HYDROPEL quickly and easily forms a long lasting water repellent barrier within concrete and masonry. It is designed for maximum protection on above grade, vertical surfaces such as common brick and vertical concrete. HYDROPEL is compatible with most caulking compounds and sealants.

HYDROPEL’s active ingredients provide a twofold water repellent protection to concrete and masonry by 1) non-yellowing, surface barrier that repels water, mildew, dirt and airborne contaminants and 2) integral protection by an in-depth chemical action-forming barrier.

Basic Use: HYDROPEL is designed specifically for water repellent treatment of vertical above grade concrete and brick masonry units. Treatment is invisible and long lasting.
Features and Benefits

Formulated for concrete and masonry.
Penetrates substrate for permanent hydrophobic protection.
Ready-to-use, non-flammable, non-volatile.
Invisible, long lasting protection.
No film. Leaves surface breathable.

Short Spec:

071900: Water repellent treatment: For vertical concrete and masonry surfaces. VOC compliant silane/siloxane blend, odorless, invisible. “HYDROPEL” by L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc – Available in New Zealand from Floor Master Ltd


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