Polyaspartic factory floor coating – the best “paint” style finish for concrete

What to do with your factory floor? – The polyaspartic floor coating/paint solution, and why it’s the right choice for you.

There are thousands of factory and production area floors across Auckland and NZ that are in need of repair, painting and coating of the concrete floor.  There are many reasons why these floors need to be painted (professional coating).Factory floor coating auckland new zealand

  • Easy of cleaning
  • Stop concrete dust (protect stock)
  • Better light reflection
  • Better company image
  • Higher staff morale
  • Health and safety
  • Hygine
  • many more reasons

So why do companies put off having their factory floors repaired and painted/coated?

We believe the number one reason is – the perception that it will take a long time and the cost of lost production and disruption will be Too high.  We are aware that the cost of doing a factory floor can be far greater than just the cost of the floor coating.  The business overheads carry on even while production stops.

With older resin coatings like epoxy, the recoat and cure times can drag the painting/coating process out for up to a week or longer.

Our Polyaspartic concrete floor coating systems are FASTER.

Not only are our polyaspartic concrete floor coatings/paint, FAST, but they offer higher performance than an epoxy coating and polyester coatings and polyurethane direct to concrete coatings.

  • 3-5 times the abrasion resistance (lasts longer)
  • Remains semi-flexible
  •  Higher chemical resistance
  • Under 2 hour recoat time
  • Under 6 hour return to light use
  • 24 hour full return to use (not days)
  • UV resistant (won’t yellow)
  • Higher heat resistance
  • Better gloss retention
  • Low or 0% VOC formulations available.

We have a number of coating systems with our Polyaspartic Resin.

Floor Masters are the leading installers of Polyaspartic resin floor coatings for factory floor and warehouse floors (and other situations) in New Zealand, call us about your project 0800 733 566


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