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Stone Flake - Pauanui Shell

Natural Elements Flake Floor Collection

Natural Elements Flake floor Collection

"Pauanui Shell"

Our Natural Elements Flake Collection brings a natural appearance somewhere between Granite, Travetine and Quartzite

Resin flake floors are nothing new, they have been around for a long time.

They became very popular in New Zealand in the 80’s and were used a lot for concrete surfaces.  Flake floors were popular for patios, external concrete stairs and used for a lot of public and commercial toilets and changing rooms.

In the early 2000’s resin flake floors started becoming more popular for garage floors.

In the mid 2000’s manufacturers started making more contemporary colour blends, with a lot more grey tones that suited more modern architecture.

In 2012 we started importing Polyaspartic resin coatings from the USA and brought in some very popular flake blends like our “Salt and Pepper”, Black Canyon” and “Copper Mountain”.  We then discovered the “Brindle” chip.  This was a breakthrough as the flake had different colours/tones on the same chip.  This differed to the traditional flake that was a vinyl chip that was a solid colour.  They were broken down to a standard size and then different colours of flake were mixed together to make a blend – but that was just like covering a floor with lots of tiny pieces of broken plastic.

Don’t get me wrong – the traditional flake floor looks great and is miles ahead of a plain coloured resin floor, but it is limited to where you would want that style of floor.

NOW, we are excited to introduce our Natural Elements Flake Floor Collection.

The difference is both in the colour blends and the fact we can make it a smooth surface, like polished stone or concrete.

This is going to make it very popular for internal floors and commercial projects.

We can see a lot of our Natural Elements Flake going into foyers, waiting rooms, public spaces, fancy restrooms, corporate offices, retail spaces and showrooms.

Designer Stone Flake Floor
A more natural looking flake floor " Pauanui Shell"
"Shelly Beach" Natural Elements flake coating
"Shelly Beach" Natural Elements flake coating


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