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Concrete floor preparation grinding

What is Concrete Grinding & why is it needed?

Concrete grinding, in Auckland, is the method of smoothing out rough concrete surfaces. The process removes any abnormalities and imperfections from the concrete surface. The method tends to use an abrasive tool. Grinding concrete can actually be completed either wet or dry.

Why is concrete grinding important?

Old and damaged concrete surfaces can be restored to their original state and used for many years without any further work needed.

Sometimes we may wish to install new floorboards or tiles in our home or commercial space, yet the concrete surface underneath is too rough or uneven, making the new installation of flooring hard. By having concrete grinding, you can create the desired smooth surface you need to enable the successful installation of new flooring. By prepping the concrete surface before installing new tiles or flooring materials you can ensure longevity of your new flooring. The quality of your concrete underlayer will be obvious under your new flooring if it is damaged or not up to scratch.

In addition, concrete grinding can boost the safety of your space by transforming a rough and damaged floor into a smooth, hard surface, reducing the risk of injury for anybody stepping on the surface. To add to this when concrete grinding is applied to driveways, it helps to make a quieter and slip-resistant surface for vehicles.

Bear in mind that grinding existing concrete will be more cost-effective compared to removing and installing new concrete. By grinding down the concrete to a smooth surface, you can save costs longer-term.

Finally, concrete grinding is much nicer towards the environment because it creates less pollution and waste by using fewer raw materials and no harmful chemicals.

Looking for services for concrete grinding in Auckland? For over 24 years Floor Masters has been concrete grinding in New Zealand. Concrete grinding smooths the surface, and can reduce the amount of leveling compound required to flatten a floor, the amount of glue required for carpet or vinyl. We do all our own surface preparation for our coating systems as well as grinding and sealing and diamond polishing. Contact us for a quote today.