Resin Comfort Floor Coating Systems

Reduced Noise, Increased Comfort, Durable and Easy Clean

Welcome to the next level of resin flooring for residential, commercial and light industrial applications.

Soft resin flooring 

Our Comfort Resin flooring system, CR, is a combination of resin adhesion coating, a layer of 5mm recycled rubber, and a combination of flexible polyurethane resins self leveling top coating.

This system brings a semi-soft, flexible and highly durable, chemical and wear resistant coating system that is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

CR is great for floors that need a little “give”.  Brings relief for workers who are standing on the floor all day, areas like laboratories where workers may drop glass beakers (reduced chance of breaking), Daycare centres, lessens impact of falls.  Perfect for gym floors.

All while offering the benefits of a seamless, “hard”, easy to clean surface.

CR also offer great sound reduction, greatly reduces the “clacking” of hard soled shoes that is typical on hard flooring, and also absorbs residual noise – typical reduction of 14dB.

Comfort Resin Flooring


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